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There are many arguments that college is not the end of the world. Many of the top executives in major industries today are college dropouts. Many people keep repeating the fact that college doesn’t guarantee a successful life. Perhaps college is not a guarantee of success. It does offer many perks. So it’s not surprising that many people want to continue their college education rather than drop out. And even if you feel tired of college, you can always buy custom term paper online to avoid burnout from studies. Here are ten reasons you shouldn’t drop out of college.

1- College is fun!

Think about it. A college is a place where you have minimal responsibilities and can meet interesting people, make memories and make new friends.

2- Education is essential.

You can say what you want about the benefits of dropping out, but you cannot deny that education is an asset in today’s society. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to go to college. It is something that many people don’t have. College prepares you and gives you the skills and knowledge to succeed in whatever career path you choose. You will miss out on a college degree and the opportunity to learn a lot outside of the classroom if you drop out.

3-College makes you independent

College is the place where young, naive people become adults. You can learn a lot from living away from home and going to college, such as how to manage money, make your own decisions, manage your finances, wake up without your parents asking 50 times, cook food, attend lectures with a hangover and move on in your life. Do you really want to leave college and miss all that?

4- College is a three-year holiday.

College is, in my opinion, the best time in one’s entire life. If you leave now, you may regret it later. College is the time you’re free from all the responsibilities and can enjoy college before your real life starts. You’ll need to find a job in three to four years and work hard at a 9-5 job, rather than lounging on the couch drinking beer and playing Call of Duty as you did in college. Is that not appealing to you? It doesn’t sound appealing to me. Instead of giving up on college, take advantage of it.

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5- Don’t give up.

Imagine if you were a toddler and your parents abandoned you because you cried so much. What if your parents gave up on you as a toddler because you were too emotional? It is important to recognize that you cannot quit and solve all your problems. It may be difficult to cope with college, and it is tempting to just give up and go on a vacation. However, that will not solve any problems. If you feel overwhelmed, get help. Before you give up on college, talk to your parents, friends, counselors, and teachers.

6- Don’t drop out of college.

It is very rare that anyone drops out of college without having a plan. You may find that you are not enjoying college. Instead of leaving, change colleges. Many people find it difficult to adapt to new environments, make new friends, and meet like-minded people. They also dislike their subjects. You may be considering quitting college if you are in this situation. This may be a better option for you.

7- Change your subject.

Students may consider dropping out of college if they don’t enjoy the subject and cannot see themselves making a career of it. It is unfair for young 18-year-olds to choose subjects that will determine their future. You may be able to transfer to another subject if you don’t enjoy the major or aren’t good enough. Perhaps you find your minor is more enjoyable than your major, and your college or university has the ability to change that subject.

8- Who would not want to live at home?

This is for a practical reason. What happens after college? If you don’t have a job or an idea, your parents will likely take you back to their house to help you plan the next steps. They will not be pleased with your decision, I promise. Are you willing to live at home, with your dad and mom constantly on your back, asking for your life to be sorted out? I didn’t think so. You might want to consider all the possible consequences of dropping out of college.

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9- After school, you are still confused.

Most people don’t know what their life goals are at the age of 18. It is logical to go to a college and get an education, training, and then a job. Some people have the ability to choose what career they wish to pursue and then enroll in professional courses. Some people choose subjects that they enjoy and then decide what they want to do with their lives. While you’re trying to figure out your future career, college is a great way to have fun and spend some time. You might not enjoy the subject that you are majoring in but you still have time to make your own decision after college. College is a good way to spend your time until you are ready.

10- A college education is respected by society.

Some may argue that this is silly. One should be happy and not blindly follow the crowd. I understand. You might not want to do certain things just because society considers them appropriate. Follow your heart and your dreams, not society. This is often easier said than done. In the end, man is a social animal that must survive and live in social situations. This requires that you follow certain codes and norms of conduct, such as getting a good education. It’s no secret that society expects that we get a high-quality degree and that we have a job. Maybe it isn’t the worst thing that you can do.


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