2022 NFL Stats: What to Expect

By | August 3, 2022

The NFL has enjoyed immense popularity over the past few years, and it looks like that trend will continue well into the future. As the league continues to become popular, each game’s statistics will become more impressive as teams improve their players and strategy. At this point, nobody knows precisely what football will look like in 2022, but there are some realistic expectations that you can use to get excited about the upcoming decade of sports. Here’s a look at some 2022 NFL stats worth getting excited about.

  • Running Backs

The running back position has been devalued in recent years, but a few workhorse backs can still be relied on for consistent production. In 2022, expect to see more of a committee approach at RB, with multiple players getting carries each game. This will keep RBs fresh and minimize the risk of injury. Look for versatile backs catching the ball out of the backfield and providing a spark on special teams.

  • Tight Ends

In 2022, tight ends will remain a major part of most offenses. They will be used as receivers and blockers, and their versatility will make them a crucial part of many game plans. Look for tight ends to catch more passes than ever before and for their yards per reception to increase.

  • Offensive Tackles

The 2022 NFL season is sure to be full of surprises. But fans can expect that the offensive tackles will be a force to be reckoned with. Some of the best players are offensive tackle players, and fans can expect big things from this position group.

  • Defensive Tackles
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Look for the top players at the position to rack up double-digit sacks and close to 100 tackles. While there may be some new faces among the league’s elite, the 2022 season should see familiar names atop the tackle leaderboards.

  • Defensive Ends

The 2022 NFL season is sure to be full of surprises, but one thing that fans can expect is another great year for defensive ends. Players like J.J. Watt and Myles Garrett will continue to dominate the league, while others like Joey Bosa and Shaq Lawson will emerge as stars. With many talented players at the position, it’s hard to predict who will have the best year, but one for sure: the defensive end position will be a force to be reckoned with in 2022.

  • Offensive Guards

In 2022, the average NFL offensive guard will be 6’4 and 320 pounds. They will run the 40-yard dash in 5.2 seconds and have a vertical leap of 30 inches. They will bench press 225 pounds 25 times and have a 2.8-second 10-yard split.


The 2022 NFL season is sure to be an exciting one. With so many talented players and teams, it’s hard to predict who will come out on top. However, one thing is sure: the fans will be in for a treat. Exciting games, big plays, and close scores are all part of what makes the NFL great. So you should sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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