4 Must-See Places in Mexico

By | June 15, 2022

Whether you are headed to Mexico on a cruise or for a business trip, there are many must-see places you can find along your route. These include historical and cultural landmarks as well as glistening beaches and tropical paradises. It can be easy to get lost in the beauty of this country’s beaches, mountain trails and historical landmarks, so it is a good idea to research and map out desired experiences before you go. The more you explore, the more fascinating locations you will find, so ranking your desired experiences for each port along your cruise can make your trip less stressful.


Ensenada is the third-largest coastal city in Baja, California and a popular stop for Mexico cruises along the Pacific Coast. This city is nestled against small mountain ranges, has a mild climate for most of the year, and is a jumping-off point for Valle de Guadalupe, a local wine region. All of these factors and the proximity to the California border made Ensenada a popular tourist spot during the prohibition periods in the US and Canada. When not enjoying this port’s weather and fishing opportunities, you can tour fascinating historical sights from the various stages of the city’s growth. For example, the Hotel Riviera del Pacifico was opened during prohibition as a tourist destination and is now a museum and cultural center worth the visit.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is nestled between the ocean and two mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre Occidental and Mexico’s Sierras Cuale. It is often hailed as the jewel of the Pacific Coast, drawing in tourists of all types for golf, sunbathing and fine art. Whether you are looking for a relaxing place to enjoy the landscape or an exciting adventure on land or the water, Puerto Vallarta has an experience for you. You can go surfing or whale watching from this port, take adventurous horseback rides or hikes through the neighboring mountains or take in the sun and shops offered by the city and its beaches. Many cruise ship visitors to this port will make plans to return for an extended stay to experience everything the area has to offer.

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Just off the Yucatan Peninsula is the island paradise of Cozumel, another popular cruise destination in Mexico. It is also a popular vacation spot for recreational and professional divers who can explore the coral reefs in crystal clear waters. You can see artificial underwater landmarks such as sunken statues and structures to encourage coral growth around the island. The draw of Cozumel is not just the diving, however, and you can find museums, shops and restaurants in the interior of the paradise. You can also take day trips to places on the peninsula from this port, such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and explore more of the culture and landscape of Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas

Another popular destination along the Pacific Coast of Mexico is Cabo San Lucas which has grown from its once seedy reputation to hosting the world’s elite in high-class resorts with top-rated golf courses. This growth is partly due to the Hollywood elite needing a break from show business during the 1970s and constructing an international airport in the area. Over the years, this elitist reputation has softened with various activities and destinations for sunbathers, history lovers and adventurous outdoors people. You can spend an evening reveling in the decadence of sprawling resorts after a day exploring the wild canyons on an ATV.

Planning a getaway to Mexico, such as a cruise along the coastlines, can offer you many options, from underwater exploration to historical tours and sunbathing to outdoor sports. It is a good idea to research some popular destinations for your interests and plan out your top experiences before you go to avoid being overwhelmed by the options while on vacation. Remember that each port will have unique activities and histories to keep you busy while showing you what each one has to offer.

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