5 parenting hacks to deal with teenage kids taken from Mentalhood’s Meira

By | March 20, 2022

teenage kids

As parents, you may be eagerly waiting for your children to enter their teens. It’s satisfying to watch your kids become fiercely independent, go to sleepovers, and hell, learn to drive (at least most of them). To say the least, it’s a magical period of many firsts! 

Dealing with your teenage kids during this phase is stressful yet rewarding. And guess what? We are here (like always) to make sure you’re okay and perhaps, teach you survive their teenage years (without fussing) with our supermom Meira from the Mentalhood web series

Here are the top five hacks (taught by the expert, Meira, herself) that will help you deal with your teenage kids with ease: 

1. Help them grow

This phase is experimental. Children may go out of their way and chase the thrill (no matter how tricky that is). Amyra, like every enthusiastic teen, walked the same route. So, the best Meira could do was have an adult conversation with her and explain the risks of life. 

2. Respect their privacy 

We get it. Some parents have a hard time with this one. Everybody, including Meira, is over protective about her kids. She even kept tabs on her children to ensure they are safe. But what she kept forgetting was that Amyra needed her space (more often). So, if you’re having the same trouble like Meira, the best thing to do here is trust your kids (only invade their privacy when you sense trouble).

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3. Know their triggers 

Let’s face it: Teenagers are the toughest nuts to crack. Amyra constantly acted in- refused to talk to Meira when things went wrong. To say the least, she shut down when she was upset or angry. But hey, guess what? Meira figured out her triggers, put herself in Amyra’s shoes, and did her best to understand her (in every possible way).

4. Learn to take a backseat (at times)

Now, this is an important one. As a parent, you may want your kids to have the best. But hey, make sure that you don’t push them to the edge. Take a step back (just like Meira), believe in them, and watch them become the best version of themselves (at their own pace). Relax. Your children will indeed make you proud. Have faith! 😀

5. Become their best friend 

Meira may have realised it quite late but she made sure she became the best friend to her kids. And hey, guess what? Once she won their trust, everyone’s life got a lot easier. Her children opened about their problems and shared their secrets with her (without any hesitation). Amazing, eh? So, the lesson learnt from Meira over here is to remember you are not only their parents but also friends (at the same time).  

Raising teens will not always be easy. But hey, what matters is how you deal with your child’s tantrums and mood swings (without losing it). So, leave all your worries behind and trust the process. Stay calm and take truckloads of notes from Meira by watching her in Hindi drama web series at 80 paisa per day. Hurry! 

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