5 Unexplored Places In Perth

By | March 7, 2023


Perth, the largest city in Western Australia, attracts thousands of tourists every year. With beautiful beaches, parks, and innumerable other tourist attractions, it’s not difficult to figure out why Perth has been such an attraction for people all over the world.

Over 5.7 million tourists visited this lovely city between July 2018 and June 2019. If you’re also planning to visit Perth, here are five unexplored amazing places that you must check out to make your trip even more memorable!

  1. Long Pool

Long Pool is so unexplored that even Google Maps will have a hard time finding it! Sounds interesting, isn’t it? You bet it is!

Long Pool is one of the four famous pools located along Lennard Drive in the Wellington National Park near Collie. This spot is perfect for anyone who wishes to enjoy a quiet afternoon away from crowds and people.

It is also an ideal picnic site since the water in the pool is absolutely gorgeous! If you have an adventurous beast in you, you can also try out different water activities like kayaking and canoeing. Or else, a refreshing swim can also be on your to-do list here!

  1. Chittering and Bickley Valley

The Swan Valley is a pretty famous spot in Perth, but have you ever heard of Chittering or Bickley Valley in Kalamunda?

The Bickley Valley is just a 30-minute drive from Perth CBD and hosts an amazing collection of wineries, orchards, and roadside stalls. There are also forest walking trails and waterfalls to make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

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The Chittering Farm Flavor Trail is another very interesting spot near Perth. Here, you’ll be able to see how Australians produce such tasty fresh food items on the farms themselves! Fruits like mangoes, avocados, asparagus, and blueberries are very common here.

  1. Perth Arcades

Two Feet And A Heartbeat is a famous tour operator in Perth. What started as a simple tour along the back alleys and lanes in Perth has now become a huge attraction. Many of the abandoned alleyways and roads have been renovated but are still out of the tourists’ eyes.

In order to truly experience Perth and Australia, a visit down these lanes is a must. These roads and narrow lanes are now lined with jolly bars and restaurants. So if you’re ever tired of walking, you can simply munch on some food and have a glass of chilled beer!

Some places here even have beautiful wall art for the tourists to experience. Many of the lanes and buildings are yet unexplored and have hidden gems. If you’re a lover of mystery, you should definitely take this tour.

  1. Roe Street

Roe Street in Perth was home to a large number of Perth escorts and sex workers. If you wish to know more about their lives and this area, you can visit here along with a tour guide. Dubbed as “Rue-de-Roe” by the press and media, Roe Street was eventually fenced along the railway lines to shield it from the public view. 

For a long time, this street was home to a number of brothels and bars. However, most of the brothels are now replaced by Perth’s very own Chinatown due to changes in rules and regulations of prostitution.

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Recently, a lot of work has been going on to make this area more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. So if you wish to roam around the city on a two-wheeler or on foot, Roe Street can be a great place.

  1. Marmion Marine Park

Another hidden gem, perfect for snorkelling and diving, is the Marmion Marine Park. This park is located between North Beach and Sorrento. Not many people actually visit this place, which makes it great for tourists who want the place to themselves.

Here, the lagoons and reefs are filled with exotic marine organisms. Skilled divers can even explore the hidden caves and snorkelers can have a beautiful view of the underwater world. Children can also play here safely among the fishes and rocks.

Over to you…

If you’re looking for a unique trip to Perth, make sure you have this list with you. These five great activities will make sure that your trip to this breathtaking city is different and more beautiful than that of any other tourist!

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