Basic Tools That You Can Utilize With The Help Of PDFBear Online Tool

By | November 28, 2021

Editing a PDF document is essential in this current time. But, altering or changing your PDF file is one of the hardest and tedious processes you can face or encounter. You can see a lot of errors while doing it. As a result, several web-based tools were made and generated to level up your task concerning file format alteration.

Always remember to check the tool if it gives and provides the best possible results. One of the most available web-based tools is the PDFBear. You can lock, unlock, and split a PDF file using the easiest and straightforward steps. If you are searching for how to do the tools mentioned above, you must follow the simple steps below. 

How To Decrypt A Password-Protected PDF

Putting a password on your PDF files will protect you from having other people or users access your file’s actual content. However, if you do not open this file more often, you may forget its password in the future. Once you have forgotten the password, it would be a disaster for you to find a way to open it.

One way of losing and preventing it is by decrypting your password-protected PDF file. Luckily, PDFBear has the best tool for it. Using PDFBear’s unlock PDF file, Users can easily open their password-encrypted PDF file using the most doable steps.

The first and initial step in doing it is to select a file with a password-protected system and placing it on PDFBear’s system. Once finished, they must put the password of the PDF file. After that, PDFBear will decrypt and analyze their PDF file. Unlocking the PDF file might take some time, so the users must please wait patiently to complete it.


Once the file is ready, they can now click the newly decrypted PDF file link and download or upload it online. Solving a password-protected PDF file has been easy because of PDFBear’s state-of-the-art technology. You don’t need to undergo a tiresome process when using the right and reliable online tool!  

How To Encrypt A Password To Your PDF File

Almost everyone experienced unauthorized access to their social media and webmail accounts. They would surely be worried since these platforms may contain personal and confidential information that could be used against you or could be used to scam other people using your data.

If the users have a PDF file with confidential and essential information, they don’t want other people to access that file. The best option is to encrypt a password to that file. However, password encryption is a tiresome process unless you use a tool that can quickly provide you a password-encrypted PDF file.

The password must be no less than nine characters. It must have alpha-numeric characters along with a combination of lower and upper cases. In this way, your file must be securely secured. After putting in a password, PDFBear will start the password encryption process to your PDF file. In just a minute, the user’s files will be completed and be ready.

After the process is finished, they can now check your newly password-encrypted PDF file and download it online. PDFBear makes sure that the users can make it faster using the most reliable and trustable tool they can find online.

How To Split PDF Files

One of these days, your boss or teacher might ask you to extract or move a specific page from your report or research paper. You will surely have a big problem if you don’t know how to process it. You need to type the entire content of that file manually, but it would consume you a lot of time if you have many things to do.

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But, there is an easy way to prevent you from doing it. You can try to use the PDFBear tool to extract and move a specific page from your PDF file. Using the simplest and easiest step, you can make it in just a blink of an eye. 

To start the process, the users must first choose and select a file and place it in their system. Once finished, they can select the page that you want to split. After that, PDFBear will start to extract the PDF page/s and export them into another PDF file. Once the entire process is complete, they can now download your newly extracted PDF file and transfer it to any storage.


PDFBear is the best available tool online for every person because it is easy to transact. It is suitable for people who don’t know anything about converting or extracting files. This is one of the most favorite tools in the market, and it will give you a hassle-free transaction. So if you are searching and looking for a tool that has a complete package, then you must choose PDFBear’s Online tool.


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