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By | January 13, 2024

Brady Cunningham is not an unfamiliar name among fashion lovers. She is one of the most popular American fashion designers and bloggers who have left a great impression with her impeccable designing skills. The lady with a great fashion sense has also done some likable writing works. Apart from her work, her life story is also very interesting. However, people know less about the other important aspects of her life. If you are a fan, then reading this post until the end can help you in knowing some untouched aspects of her life. Let’s explore! 

Early Life

Brady Cunningham took birth in Daphne, Alabama, in the United States, which is where she was raised too. There is not much about her childhood memories. However, when telling the story behind her name, she mentioned that her parents wanted her to be strong as men, so they gave her this masculine name. 


After completing her high school in Alabama, she moved to New York. When in a new city, she developed her interest in fashion designing. She started assisting a renowned designer in New York and learned some skills from him. However, she felt the need to learn more, and this quest drove her to the Parsons School of Design, where she learned some important lessons of fashion designing. 


After dating Jason Schwartzman for a long time, Brady Cunningham got married to him in July 2009. She has two children, namely, Rivers Schwartzman and Una Schwartzman. Her husband himself is an actor, musician, and producer. She lives with her family in San Fernando Valley, CA. She spends most of her time playing with her kids or having long walks with her husband. 


Her husband is also a known name in America and has acted in several movies. Besides, he is also a producer who has produced several movies under his production house. Furthermore, he is a music lover and a popular name in the music industry. In addition to his movies, he is famous as a TV personality, which contributes to a significant position of his net worth. Jason Schwartzman is a multi-talented person who has several other sources of income. However, he believes in leading a simple life and is a straightforward family person. 

brady cunningham with her husband



After moving to New York, Brady Cunningham decided to pursue her dream career, which is fashion designing. In the beginning, she worked as an assistant for a menswear fashion designer. Later, she decided to get more knowledge about fashion designing and industry. To accomplish the task, she joined a reputed fashion institution in New York. After completing the course, she actively engaged in the work, which is highly accredited among fashion critics. After gaining immense popularity in the fashion world, she started her first store, “Tenoversix,” with her friend and partner Kristen Lee. Additionally, she shares her work in the fashion industry with her fashion blog, which has a huge reader base. Readers find her fashion tips helpful and admire her for her good work. 


Apart from her career as a fashion designer, she also appeared in several movies. However, there are so many movies in her name and have big and small roles. Despite having good acting skills, she is more focused on her fashion designing work. You can see her name in the cast of four to five films. 


Brady Cunningham runs her own fashion store with the name Tenoversix. Besides, she has multiple stores in different locations. Also, her online brand store enables people to order easily without leaving their couch. Her store is highly accredited for being one of the unique stores where people get some great out-of-the-box designs. Also, the industry people shout out loud for her products. 

Tenoversix store



The American fashion designer is very health conscious and eats mostly leafy vegetables. Besides, she spends most of her time playing with her kids, which she claims keeps her fit and healthy. She does not do regular workouts. However, she takes long walks with her husband to stay fit. Besides, she cooks simple and hygienic food at home and makes recipes high in nutritional value. 

Height And Body Weight

Brady stands 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her weight at the age of 36 is 60Kgs. She lives a simple life and takes good care of her health through several means of day-to-day activities to keep obesity at bay. She has white ethnicity and has a fan base around the globe. The color of her eyes is grey, and her hair is brown. 


As a fashion designer, she takes good care of her skin and beauty, which makes her look younger at the age of 36. She has a great interest in football and enjoys music in non-bright lights. Besides, she likes to stroll in the farmer’s market and zoo. When doing so many things at a time, she nails her role as a mother and a wife. She avoids arguments with her husband and manages the situation with laughter. 


Now that she is a popular name in the fashion industry, she shares her work theory and her blogs on the insightful stories of the fashion world. She is witty and inspiring and has very clear expressions when sharing her ideas. 

Net Worth

Brady Cunningham’s net worth is $20 million dollars. She is a fashion and clothing designer, blogger, and art designer. She enjoys her own store with the name “Tenoversix” in partnership with her friend and has several other sources of income that add to her net worth. The total wealth of the American fashion designer comprises tangible and intangible assets. However, she also prefers to live a modest life with her husband and kids and enjoy the briefest moments. 

Final Words! 

This post elaborates on the important incidents, accomplishments, and personal life of the American fashion designer Brady Cunningham. Besides, it also covers her early life, educational qualifications, and career achievements. If you like to get more insightful stories of celebrities, make a visit to our blog section. 


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