Can You Be A Video Creator Pro In Under 10 Days?

By | May 17, 2021

It always seems like an easy job when the term video creator comes to mind. And that’s why you need to learn more about it. After all, you just need to point a camera towards where the action is, right? The assumption here is that hitting the record button and focusing on your subject is all it takes. Wrong! It is true that in a few minutes you can learn to point a camera and take video footage. However, knowing what to record and how to do it in an interesting way cannot be accomplished in minutes. It could take a lifetime to perfect it!

Creating videos involves the development of a story, taking video shots telling that story, and editing the content for viewing. You can create videos for streaming services, websites, blogs, advertisements, and films. Whatever type of tool you are, creating videos requires your time, dedication, and persistence. Let us delve deep into what it takes to be a creator and determine whether you can be a pro in under 10 days. There are several steps in creating a video. They are:

Use Video Creator Software

If you’re the lazy type and don’t want to spend so much time on creating videos from scratch, then you can try out an effective app software like Promo, for instance. This will help you come up with the best video in the shortest time possible.


As a video creator, you are the brains behind your content. You are the vision-bearer of the content.  You will need an understanding of the genre of the video you want to make. This involves collecting facts and statistics in the area you are covering, bearing in mind the intervening factors. For instance, if you are making a video about the use of menstrual cups, you have to know all there is about menstrual hygiene. Your knowledge of the topic, the varied options in menstrual hygiene, and comparisons of the pros and cons of these options should be well articulated. It should be factual information that is well researched.

You cannot be a good editing tool if you do not understand your target audience’s demographics. This means that you have to know what age group they fall in, their region, and their level of exposure to the area you are covering, and so on.  This will help you know how to structure the language and determine content presentation in the video.


In order to determine video duration, a video creator should come up with a script that captivates the audience. There is no way a good video can be made without scripting first, well unless you are doing amateur videos for your personal use. If you intend to make a video like a pro, you should have a well-done script that will guide your shots and ultimately determine the length of the video.

It is only after researching the topic and the audience that a tool can come up with a script that’s captivating enough for the audience. With good background information, you will easily write a script that captures the tone, mood, and objective of the topic.

Filming and Recording

This is what many people assume is the first and main step a video creator takes when making a video. Well contrary to that common belief, it is actually the third step in the process of video production. It involves taking video clips to even out mistakes and customize the video into a quality production. If you were just making a home video or a personal video for your social media account, a phone camera would count. But if your aim as an app is to make a professional video, then you need a professional camera at this point.

Not only will the camera give you quality in video clips, but it will also give you a variety of shooting options. This means that you can do close-up shots, long shots, panoramic and wide-angle shots in good quality. Moreover, you can use equipment such as; drones, cranes, tripod stands, hood man and more to achieve professional results.


While recording, professionally or otherwise, there are mistakes made, effects or transitions not well done; that require smoothing out. A tool may prefer adding some intros or outro elements to the video, cool effects, and transitions. Removing some parts to achieve good results also helps. There is a variety of video editing software at this point. This depends on how conversant you are with the functions. 

Anyone can cut, add and line up shots to make a video in a matter of hours. But to be a software pro, the quality of the shots, angles, transitional and visual effects matter more.

Audio Mixing

Your work is not yet done at editing. As much as your video has a natural sound, it also needs some background music and sound effects. If it is a video that requires narration, the recorded audio clips are added at this point. Music and other foreground or background audio are also blended in with the natural sounds of the video.

As a video creator, at this point, you will realize that the quality of sound matters. If you did not capture the sound well during the recording, then you will have to re-do the recording for the affected parts. This time you will bear in mind the use of an external microphone and proximity to your interviewee. This makes you appreciate the need to shoot your video clips with more consideration on how they will be used.

Final Thoughts

Still, think you can be a creator pro in under 10 days? You are wrong. Until you realize that every shot in your video recording matters, you will think that it is possible. Being a pro in under 10 days is a long shot, to say the least. But here’s the thing – using such softwares will make the process a lot easier for you. In fact, with it, you can even become a pro in a few minutes!

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