Celebrities who are in love with leggings

By | June 24, 2022

Of all the pieces of clothing that you have in your closet, leggings might be the most comfortable. It is no wonder why celebs are often photographed in them. Not only are leggings ideal for the gym, but they also suit a broad range of other outfits including athleisure, as well as smart and sophisticated ensembles.

A-list celebrities have mastered the art of wearing leggings. So which celebrities can’t resist the allure of leggings? Here are a few celebrities that love wearing leggings.

Elsa Hosk

Elsa Host is photographed regularly in leggings while running around town. And she doesn’t need much to make legging look cool. Just a simple white tee and cool sneakers are all it takes.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to wearing leggings as pants. Chrissy makes wearing leggings effortless by pairing hers with a white tank top. She tops off most of her looks with long kimonos and wide-brimmed hats for that touch of elegance.

Bella Hadid

No one can make leggings look like works of art better than a supermodel could. Bella is fond of wearing her leggings with baggy sweatshirts. Adding a high-end designer purse and sneakers is what brings the overall look together.


Take a page from Rihanna’s style book and pair your leggings with a baggy t-shirt and a baseball hat. This may be a simple look but if you want to make a statement, go for a t-shirt that comes with ultra-cool graphics on it.

Things to keep in mind when wearing leggings like your favorite celebs

Leggings aren’t pants but they can be

Leggings may be the coolest athleisure wear of the moment but a lot of individuals struggle to put an ensemble together that looks as cool as their favorite celebrities. The great thing about leggings is that they are so multifaceted and can be worn in an array of ways whether you want to look stylish or super casual.

When wearing leggings as pants, the trick lies in knowing how to put an outfit together- you just have to be creative and work with your body type. The last thing you want is to wear your leggings only for you to feel uncomfortable throughout.

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Don’t be afraid to mix it up

As mentioned above, it’s all about adding a little creativity to your look. Leggings are so versatile that they can be worn with an array of outfits and accessories for every occasion. For instance, you can wear your leggings with a button-down shirt.

Pair the outfit with cute ankle boots and a blazer and what you have is a sharp and sophisticated look that will work for the office or a formal meeting at your local coffee shop.

Don’t forget the accessories

You can wear leggings on their own without having to add too much to your look. However, if you really want to take your outfit to the next level, then you should consider finding accessories that will allow you to transform your outfit from casual to chic in minutes. The accessories that you select don’t have to be over the top either.

Adding something as simple as a cool baseball cap to your look and a pair of sunglasses will allow you to recreate the street-style vibe that so many celebs are known for. However, if you are really looking to take things up a notch, accessories such as statement necklaces and bangles can help you add a touch of class to your general look. Add a trendy purse to the mix and what you have is a stunning look.

Pay attention to your footwear

You already know that leggings are some of the most adaptable pieces of clothing that you will ever add to your closet. But making your leggings look cool no matter the occasion is about how you choose to style them. In particular, the shoes that you pick play a critical role in how good your leggings will look.

So what are some of the best types of shoes to wear your leggings with?

Lace-up sneakers

You can never go wrong with lace-up sneakers. Because of the sporty feel of both leggings and sneakers, they make an excellent combination. For an urbane look, start with a pair of your favorite plain leggings and minimal sneakers.

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Then, layer the look with a fitted, high neck crop top and finish off the ensemble with a baseball cap of your choice. If you would like, you can also add some cool jewelry such as dangling earrings for an extra dose of chic.


Loafers are also a good choice to pair with your leggings. Because loafers have a polished appearance, they are perfect for making your legging appear dressier. If you are not sure what to wear your loafers with, consider pairing them with a button-up shirt that comes with a nice and colorful floral print. You can also throw on a tailored blazer to make the look appear more polished.

With ankle boots

A lot of celebrities love pairing their leggings with ankle boots. Boots are especially great when the colder months start to creep in. Best of all, you can wear your leggings with flat boots or high heels, depending on how comfortable or swanky you want to look.

If you are going to wear plain ankle boots, consider wearing leggings with a bit of an edge. This is easily the best way to allow your cool leggings to stand out while making a statement. For example, these leggings from Coolthingchicago are perfect for high or low ankle boots.

If the idea of looking taller sounds appealing to you, try going for a pair of black leggings and simple plain ankle or knee-length boots. This combination will give you the illusion of longer legs while still looking stylish. Opting for a high waist pair of leggings can also make you look a little taller than you are.

Final Thoughts

Although leggings are very versatile, it can be hard to replicate your favorite celebrities’ looks. When styled correctly, leggings can be a comfortable alternative to pants whether you are looking to get a few errands out of the way or gunning for a night out in the town.

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