Celebrities Who Suffered Weed Addiction

By | September 17, 2022


Celebrities Who Suffered Weed Addiction

Substance abuse is on the rise with both young and old people finding themselves in the menace. You might not be a victim but all people are affected by substance abuse in one or another. People who drink alcohol mix alcohol and kratom to reduce the likelihood of developing alcohol dependence. When one becomes an addict, he or she becomes mentally challenged and this causes them to become a problem to society and to the people who are around them. Here are some of the celebrities who suffered weed and heroin addiction before they reformed and became better individuals.

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip was an Academy Award winner that was known for his great roles in the film industry. His sensational acting talent inspired and entertained many but behind the door, he had a lot of bad habits of sniffing heroin and smoking weed. If he had access to kratom, he could have used it to reduce the desire for weed and heroin. Can you smoke kratom? Yes, you can and it helps your brain to stay well-functional so even if you are addicted to something, the urge to abuse that particular drug or substance doesn’t strike you.

Russel Brand

One of the best English comedians who had rib-cracking jokes. At the age of 16 years, he was already on weed and Heroin. Stories indicate that the comedian was addicted to sex and the fact that he was a celeb, girls yawned for him from all over the UK. It took several rehab hospitalizations and detoxification interventions to have him get back to sobriety. After he reformed, he became an inspiration to many addicts as people realized that even after addiction, you can still get your previous life back. He changed, came back strong, and was able to make people laugh again.

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Robert Downey, Jr.

You know as the iron man probably due to his global fame in the movies. He was introduced to drugs by his father at the age of 8 years. Since he didn’t know what it was like to live under drugs and because he obeyed his father, he went into drug abuse completely. In 2003, he thought it was wise to enroll in rehab and that is what he did. Ever since reforming, he became a good person and now he is featured in many films including star war movies and other noble film companies.

 Corey Feldman

This is one of the award-winning actors who battled drug abuse for over a decade. His life was a problem. After all, he couldn’t do without weed or heroine until when he was sexually abused because he was aware. Even since then, the guy went into rehab and reformed becoming better and responsible who doesn’t take drugs any longer. Drugs also made his girlfriend walk away because the girlfriend saw no future in this man. After that, he decided it was time to quit and work towards sobriety and that is what he exactly did.


Addiction is not anyone’s mistake. It happens because of one small mistake and that could be the journey to drug dependence. For that reason, people realize later in life that drugs have messed up their lives and they need to change for them to become better people. Drug addiction not only compromises your health but it also affects your social integrity and relationship with other people in society and family. Always make sure you have the best friends who will tell you the truth when you make a mistake because most people who go into drug addiction have fake friends. Drugs are not good for your health and your image as a person in society.

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