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By | October 15, 2023
Dakota Johnson street style

Dakota Johnson, better known as Anastasia Steele – the lover of the controversial literary character Christian Grey, has been mostly seen onscreen sans clothes. But do you know that the Hollywood darling has one of the best fashion senses – from the streets to the carpets? Talk to her stylist, and she describes Dakota as – “sort of minimal and androgynous…sleek….” She’s what we are regularly! Then why not get inspired by Dakota Johnson street style looks?

Here’s listing out her street-smart choices that even you can emulate. Scroll down this digital document and check out which of her signature looks fits your budget –

Which are the best Dakota Johnson street style looks?

With the paps snapping her at every corner of the street, Johnson, it seems, never fails to deliver. Here’s how she aces it –

Outfit 1 – Denim and Sweater combo

Denim can never go out of fashion, and Dakota Johnson has proven it more than once! The paps often capture her wearing the basic crewneck sweater with denim and a handbag for company. You could style it with mules and a high ponytail.

Outfit 2 – Tee punched with wide-legged pants

Wide-legged pants are in style, and Dakota Johnson has brought back the retro like none other. The Gucci’s darling stopped paps by the sideways with her signature Dakota Johnson street style look.

If you want some inspiration from that look, it is time you get yourself a pair of casual wide-legged pants and a loose tee or a flannel shirt and cement the same with glares, sneakers or loafers and loose hair, probably with a half-knot.

Outfit 3 – Basic tee with Medium wash denim

You will require a monotone tee (choose black or white) to ace the casual look. Pair it up with medium-wash denim and either mules or a sneaker. If it’s fall, you could always add a knitted scarf, or to layer up the look, add on a cardigan. Sunglasses and tote bags are a must!

Dakota Johnson street style

Outfit 4 – Straight Jeans tucked in with a basic tee

There’s nothing better than a jeans-tee combo when it comes to street-style fashion. If there’s someone who completely heads it best – that’s Dakota Johnson. Pick up any tabloid featuring Dakota Johnson street style look; you will find her in straight jeans with a basic tee tucked in. At times, she goes for a French tuck, or in most cases; it is the simple tucked-in shirt with big hats and glares that make her look shine!

Outfit 5 – Blazer – collared shirt and loafer mules

Not everyone will be comfortable with this combo, but our very own Anastasia Steele does know when to put it and when to drop it (ask Christian Grey). Touted to be one of the best airport looks, she is often snapped in this collared shirt-blazer and loafer mules. She surely rocks with checkered and polka dot shirts in light shades and backs it up with a deeper-hued blazer.

Outfit 6 – Flannel shirts with casual pants

Flannel shirts are your all-season wardrobe friend. When you follow Dakota Johnson street style look regularly, you will find her repeating flannel shirts – at times with casuals and a blazer or with a pair of wide-legged jeans. They are best left tugged in, but you can French tuck them or leave them hanging. To add to the style statement – wrap a shirt around your waist and tie your hair up in a ponytail. Calling the paps anytime?

Outfit 7 – Linen jumpsuit over a long-sleeved top

What if you have to combine summer fashion with that of fall? Dakota Johnson shows you the way! Get a long-sleeved top and a linen jumpsuit (preferably of the same hue to get a monotone look) and wear the suit over the top. You did think that was weird, correct? Not when Johnson shows you how!

Pair up this attire with sandals, a tote bag and a pair of sunglasses. In the place of sandals, you can very well alternate with sneakers.

Outfit 8 – Wrap dress with a cashmere sweater

When its the fall season, with you just feeling the chill in the air, get inspired by the wrap-dress with cashmere sweater Dakota Johnson street style look. She completed her look with a pair of sneakers and sunglasses, but you can go a step ahead and pad up this look with a pair of boots or loafers.

Just to go a tad ahead in the style game, add a sling bag and wrap up a knitted scarf.

Outfit 9 – Layer up with a turtleneck

Watching out for Dakota Johnson street style in the winters? Turlenecks do the trick! Pair one up with a jumpsuit, just like Johnson did when she quickly had to get her coffee before she reached her shoot.

For those who are looking to experiment, French tuck the turtleneck in style with a pair of straight legged jeans, and you are as stylish as ever to go out.

Outfit 10 – Rolled Jeans with a long coat

A pair of jeans is your all-weather friend and Dakota Johnson proves it!! Check her out in any of her awkwardly papped moments and you will find the diva slaying it in her jeans – mostly rolled up, at times even the rugged ones. That’s how you do it in the summers.

If you have to rush out during the winters, put the Korean style long coat over it and leave your hair loose. Carry a sling bag, as Johnson and rush out to the job.

Dakota Johnson street style

What are some of your street must-haves?

If you are looking forth to fashion yourself in the Dakota Johnson street style look, there should be a couple of must-haves in your closet. There’s not a chance you will want to miss out on – leather loafers, long winter coats (the Korean styled ones), boho sunglasses, velvet high-rise trouser with blazer combo, everyday high-rise straight – legged jeans, leather jackets, and a all-carry shoulder bag!

If you want to rock it on the streets – you rock it like Dakota!

Key style takeaways

As the audience desperately waits for Johnson to melt the audience’s hearts as Anne Elliot, in her upcoming Netflix flick Persuasion (based on Jane Austen’s classic), you can pick up any or all of the Dakota Johnson street style looks and add them on to your closet. The fashion-buffs will just have to wait and see what she delivers fashionably at her next promo tour. For more updates on fashion and lifestyle – keep checking this page.


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