Features of JustForex Trading Company

By | November 1, 2021
Features of JustForex Trading Company

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Since its launch, JustForex has built up an amazing reputation for providing clients with high-quality services, a stable working environment, and favorable trading circumstances across a wide range of products. JustForex offers a wide range of account types and conditions, so even experienced traders may find something that works best for their trading style and approach. 

Additionally, JustForex offers traders access to proprietary analytical tools to make trading more efficient and less time-consuming. All of them may be found on the official website and are completely free for anyone to use.

Having a forex account with JustForex is like having a bank account, but it’s issued solely for trading in currencies instead of saving money. JustForex, for example, provides a wide range of account kinds with varying account currencies, leverages, spreads, commissions, and other features for their customers.

Forex-Demo-Account JustForex:

It is a beginner’s account with tutorials in the form of simulations so that new clients can learn the basics of trading. The only distinction is that the client executes trades using virtual cash. Inexperienced traders can trade without taking on many risks because it uses cents as its basic currency. It makes it ideal for new clients or small-scale merchants.

Standard JustForex Account:

It is tailored to meet the needs of traders who are willing to deposit and trade various currencies. The minimum deposit is merely one dollar, and there are no fees or commissions to worry about.

Training Videos and Articles:

JustForex clients should arm themselves with as much knowledge and trading abilities as possible before starting the forex and commodity trading industry. If the information on JustForex’s website isn’t sufficient, a trader should look into other helpful websites and resources. JustForex offers a Forex glossary to assist traders in understanding market jargon.

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Trading with confidence and success requires potential traders to learn as much as possible about speculative trading before getting started and before engaging in any risky transactions. It will prevent them from suffering a financial setback and instead allow them to maximize their profits. In addition to stock market analysis and technical analysis, JustForex review provides a wide range of research services.

Features of JustForex Trading

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Contacting the Company’s Customer Service Department:

To assist consumers in finding the correct answers to provide them with the ideal user experience, potential traders must ensure that the broker they choose will offer support any time they may require it. JustForex’s customer service is available around the clock, 365 days a year. 

Customer service via Phone and Email:

24-hour customer service is available in English, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Chinese using Live Chat and other chat apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. Customer service is also available via phone and email.

Platforms for Online Trading:

The term “multi-asset trading platform” refers to an exchange that not only offers forex trading but also CFDs on stocks, indices, precious metals, and cryptocurrencies. Trading on numerous financial instruments and performing account monitoring and market analysis are both possible with JustForex. In essence, the forex trading platform is the software that JustForex makes available to its customers to place transactions.

Different Fee Structures:

Because of its global reach, JustForex may provide a variety of account types, each with a different fee structure, depending on the regulatory body with which it complies. As a result, customers may see fees that differ depending on where they live or are located. JustForex makes money via spreads and commissions on specific account types, just like the majority of brokerages. JustForex offers ultra-low spreads and quick transaction executions, making it a great choice for traders.

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Making Deposit and Withdrawing Money:

With JustForex, you may deposit a matter of minutes. Most of the ways are free of charge. Only a few can take up to five banking days to process; the others are lightning-fast. When you open a Standard Cent or Standard trading account with JustForex, you may deposit as little as $1. If you wish to trade on a Pro or Raw Spread account, you must deposit $100.

Buying and Selling on Social Networks:

The MT4 trading platform, offered by JustForex, allows for social trading. With social trading, traders can mimic the trades of other successful traders and apply their tactics to their trading accounts with little to no risk to themselves. They are graded based on their past performance statistics, and the experts are the ones who supply the signals. Because of this, traders can pick and choose the signals they want to follow from any provider.

Forex Regulation by JustForex:

The Financial Services Authority has authorized JustForex to operate in the UK (FSA). St. Vincent and the Grenadines is where JustForex Global Limited is registered. As a result of the Financial Services Authority’s approval and oversight, this is legal (FSA). Trading with a broker who is merely registered under this regulation is often discouraged by industry experts.


JustForex is a desirable organization for prospective traders because it is a very credible trader appropriate for both novice and experienced traders from many cultures. JustForex Because of this, only certain markets can be accessed depending on the account type selected when opening an account with JustForex.


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