Freecell – The Most Interesting Solitaire Game

By | January 23, 2022

FreeCell solitaire is perhaps one of the most interesting ways of playing solitaire. If you are someone who likes playing Klondike or Spider Solitaire, then you will notice how different it is. Unlike most solitaire games that are somewhat luck-dependent on the cards you are dealt; you can always win a FreeCell game by playing the best moves. Only a few known shuffles are unsolvable. This makes it much more fun than games like Klondike where you can only win 1/3rd of your games. FreeCell a highly skill-dependent game and requires a lot of concentration and thinking. It is also extremely addictive because of its unique nature. I personally consider it to be one of the best and most fun types of solitaire games ever.

FreeCell has pretty interesting rules. You start with a 52-card deck that you must arrange in an orderly sequence, but that is not all. They are distributed into 8 columns where all the cards are dealt face up. It is also called an open game since you will have all the information you need from the start to analyze each move beforehand. There are 4 foundation areas where you have to build suit-wise sequences in ascending order. In addition to these 4 foundation piles, there are 4 empty spaces above the tableau that are called free cells. Anytime in the game, you can use these cells as temporary storage for your cards that are at the bottom of a pile. These temporary storage cells force you to think differently and be creative. This is the best feature of the game and why it is widely considered to be the most fun type of solitaire.

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Now that we discussed the rules, let us talk strategy. You can utilize the following strategy tips to get better at FreeCell and win more games:

  1. Always plan ahead. As FreeCell is an open game, you should carefully analyze the tableau at the start of each game. Always think twice and plan the next several moves in advance.
  2. Be mindful of the free cells as they are an integral part of the game. Try not to use them unless you really need to. It is a good idea to only use a free cell if you have a specific plan in mind to help create a pile by utilizing a card and then getting it out.
  3. Try to empty columns. An empty column is better than a free cell. It can allow you to hold piles in order and provides more transfer space.
  4. Move the aces. In the early game, you should always focus on moving the ace cards to the foundations. Your first few moves should be simple ones that allow you to get a positional advantage.

Now that you have read some of the strategy tips, why not try the game yourself and see if you can win. You can follow this link if you want to enjoy one of the most fun types of solitaire for absolutely free!

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