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By | August 19, 2023

Recently, one of Hollywood’s sweethearts Jennifer Garner, was in the news. Netizens praised the actor, entrepreneur, and activist for wishing ex-husband Ben Affleck his wedding to another Jennifer (Lopez). Though controversies surrounded their divorce in 2018, and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner net worth was split as per court orders, as co-parents, they have gelled like never before. From hanging out with their kids to marking their presence at their daughter’s graduation ceremony – the parents have done an excellent job.

So, what’s the story like? Was it a simple two people meeting, falling in love, getting married, and separating, or was there something more? What about their parenting skills? How do they manage to maintain that balance? That’s what we are covering in this blog, so buckle up –

What is the source of Jennifer Garner net worth?

Garner has been one of Hollywood’s most notable actors, whether on television or via her films. Starting out in Alias (2001), which lasted for 5 seasons, she has given some incredible performances in – 13 Going On 30, Daredevil (where she reportedly fell in love with her ex-husband Affleck), Catch Me If You Can, Rose Hill, Pearl Harbour to name a few.

With time and increased popularity, Jennifer Garner net worth skyrocketed, and currently, with her brand endorsements and her organic products company in tow – she has $80 million to boast of!!

That’s quite some money! But what is the source of her net worth? We’ll see that soon –

  • When talking of her role as CIA agent Sidney Bristow in Alias (where she went on to reprise her role for 5 seasons) – she earned a supposed $6 annually. From where she started out at $40,000 to reaching $1,50,000 towards the show’s closure – the accumulated wealth was notable.
jennifer garner net worth

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  • Regarding her films, she charges between $3 to $6 million per project, with her annual income touching $8 million.


  • She is also the face of multiple brand endorsements – specifically Capital One and Neutrogena. She has a 5-year contract with both companies that reimburses her with $10 – $15 million.


  • While being their ambassador – she has also been the spokesperson for Venture Air Miles Credit Card, sponsored by the Capital One company in 2014.


  • Another essential addition to Jennifer Garner net worth is her role as the Chief Brand Officer of the organic baby food brand – Once Upon A Farm, which announced in March 2022 that they had closed for $52 million. However, if the recent financial news is to be believed, the company is racing towards a $100 million goal by the next financial year.


  • Speaking of her real estate investments – she and her now ex-husband Affleck owned a joint property – their Pacific Palisades home that amounted to $17.55 million.


  • After her divorce – Garner invested $8 million in a Brentwood Park property where she currently resides.


  • Talking about her car collection – she owns a set of high-end luxury brands from – Mercedes and Lexus to Land Rovers.

Why is Garner called Hollywood’s sweetheart?

It is due to the genuineness that she exudes – both on and off the screen. Whether it is the relatable characters that she plays or the activist and socially-forward-thinking entrepreneur, it is difficult for one and all to dislike the persona of Garner.

If she had left us laughing our hearts out in 13 Going to 30, the viewers cried out with her in Valentine’s Day. As an actor quite unlike her contemporaries, she has always been approachable, and her philanthropic activities have always made news but in the proper manner. Clearly, it is due to a bevy of such reasons that Jennifer Garner net worth has increased with every passing year.

There’s another reason why Hollywood considers her its favorite! It is due to her activism and social endeavors – from supporting the Save The Child program to her routine visits and monitoring of the Early Steps To School Success program.

How was her marriage to Ben Affleck?

The co-actors first met on the set of Pearl Harbour (2000) but fell in love during the making of Daredevil (2002). In one of the lighter interviews with PlayBoy in 2017 – Affleck accepted that Garner does have -’just like in her scenes’ the upper hand in the marriage. At one point in their marriage of a decade and more, the Affleck-Garner couple exuded relationship goals!

However – in 2015, Affleck and Garner announced separation, and due to the lack of a prenup agreement, the joint Affleck and Jennifer Garner net worth was divided accordingly. However, before Garner invested in a multi-million property, she and the kids lived in their marital home till 2018.

It is often said that when there’s too much money, the values seem to go out of the window. But that has not been the case with the Ben and Jenny divorce. The kids have been managed very well, and the now-parted couple is doing a great job in that field.

Can you learn some co-parenting with Garner?

Recently when Affleck tied the knot with Lopez, the kids he shares with Garner were part of the wedding. In fact – the parents, despite their difficulties, have always maintained a great rapport with the kids as parents.

Affleck has vouched for this in their most challenging time. He stated in an interview that, despite their fights and moments of tension – for the kids, Garner ‘was a great mother’; she held the same view for Affleck.

jennifer garner net worth

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The kids, too, have managed to maintain a good rapport with Lopez’s twins, courtesy of the sense of value instilled in them by the Affleck and Garner couple. Clearly, contrary to what people think about rich people and their sense of parenting – Affleck and Jennifer Garner net worth has not affected their parenting skills.

Do you want to know how top celebrity parents discipline their children even if they have issues between them? You can click on this link to read the techniques and try emulating them.

What does the future hold for Garner?

So, that was the compiled information available for Jennifer Garner net worth. As per recent media gossip, she seems to have moved on and found love in the arms of entrepreneur John Miller, who acts as the CEO of Caliburger. Things are steaming up with her acquainting her kids with Miller’s and hosting dinners.

As fans and readers – we sincerely hope that America’s sweetheart goes a long way in love and life. Do you have some comments or information to share? Do share the same on this page.


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