Six tips on how to write an essay about a famous person

By | March 26, 2021

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In the era of the Internet, it is not difficult to find any information about a celebrity. However, only those who reveal some new facts deserve attention. Tales about doctors, astronauts, writers, interpreters, brilliant scientists, company founders, and celebrities have become the favorite topic because they open the veil of secrecy over those aspects of life that seem so far away and complicated. We cannot say that nowadays people write more about people of the past. Biographical essays of our contemporaries are also popular. Therefore, we can conclude that the main criterion for success will be a unique experience and an interesting story. However, we have prepared more tips on essay writing, which will help make your story more exciting and captivating.

Why essays about famous people are popular

People have always been attracted to the tabloids or their analog — social networks and portals about celebrities or their personal pages. When you follow an outstanding personality’s public life, you will involuntarily want to get acquainted with them closer. If we are talking about successful and wealthy entrepreneurs, we want to understand how they live and make decisions to get where they are now. If we are talking about a famous writer, it’s curious how he lived, where he got his inspiration from, what events, people, or phenomena inspired him to write this or that masterpiece. Why did the famous actress, who was loved by everyone, had died early and alone? 

The XX century was a turning point in the development of the genre. The huge quantity of events, technological breakthroughs, wars, rapid change of epochs has left a society literally without the support which it searches for in the experience of people of the past. For today this aspect is even more actual: in the world in which so much can change for one day, the biography can prompt what to do and how to live. If the biography as a genre was treated with distrust in the past because it is too controversial and combines documentary credibility and author’s fiction, today, these signs have become the reason for its popularity.

How to write a good essay about a famous person?

  • No matter how obvious it sounds, your essay’s main character should be an attractive personality. The most interesting thing to read about extraordinary personalities is to find out what they lived and breathed. That’s why books and movies about celebrities in this or that field are so popular: because the public sees only one side of their lives, but always want to know what is behind the veil of fame;
  • A biographical essay is just like a book. The plot here is already known and understood, but the form in which it will be presented is vital. Like any written work of this genre, it should be interesting to read. There should be a structure — and the intrigue, the culmination, and the conclusion. Moreover, try to highlight each new stage of life in a separate paragraph and make sure that the reader is comfortable to follow the course of events. Do not offer your reader bare and boring facts, which he can already read on Wikipedia. Try to find something about your hero’s fascinating hobby, his influence on history, and other aspects of life;
  • Before you start writing your work, you should ask some questions that you will be trying to find answers to. Of course, it is impossible to describe in detail a person’s whole life in 500 words. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the most interesting, or maybe unknown, aspects and stages of life;
  • Spend enough time exploring the life of your hero. If it is a well-known personality of our time, analyze their social networks and go deeper into childhood;
  • It is not enough just to describe the events in a chronological sequence. You need feelings, something personal that will respond in the reader’s heart, will allow him to feel involved in what is happening; 
  • Suppose we are talking about a historical person. In that case, it is important to show the circumstances in which they lived, what political and social phenomena took place, how they influenced their life, and how they treated them. The everyday details are also important: the daily environment is always fascinating because it allows us to dive into the personal sphere. Suppose the author decides to write an essay about the man of the past. In that case, it will likely be necessary to conduct a serious historical study to reproduce the atmosphere in which the hero lived with the greatest reliability. 

Of course, working on an essay about a famous person is creative work. You can start by describing the last years of your hero’s life and finish with his birth. However, it is important to be aware of your work requirements and follow them accurately. Otherwise, no matter how bright and fascinating the facts you’ve found are, you are unlikely to get a good grade for them if you miss all the teacher’s recommendations and expectations. Review all sources, reread the work several times and check for mistakes, ask someone to read it too, and only then submit it for review.  


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