Stephen King’s Way To Become a Successful Writer

By | March 12, 2023

Stephen King's Way To Become a Successful Writer

As Mark Ford illustrated, reading is a vital factor of both happiness and success. He went on and said that in his time, most of the successful people were committed to studying.

A Bolster from the King of Writing

When the book got published in the year 2000, the Entertainment Weekly hailed Long live the King! They were not referring to a monarch, but they were paying reference and homage to Steven King, the best storyteller to have ever graced the grip of the pen. He is from Bangor, Maine. He wrote Carrie and Salem’s Lot, which were both jotted in a laundry room inside a rented trailer. Not only that, but he went on and wrote 47 other more books that broke the market to sell over 350 million copies. I came to get a copy of his On Writing a couple of years ago through a recommendation from a close friend. I went ahead and read it in one sitting and made sure I scribbled some notes on all 297 pages.

The book delves into the life of King on how he started as a writer. It the inspiration behind the journey, and the steady development of his unique style of writing. Due to it is a book about the passion of jotting and what it takes to master the art and craft. As I was getting started as a young and an upcoming writer, I read the book, and it heavily inspired me and gave me the motivation that no book has ever done. I laughed and cried at the same time. I could not control it. In a nutshell, it instilled confidence in me and made me believe that I could become a successful writer.

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When I came to the end of the book, I closed it and placed it in a secure place in my office spaced right there and then, I started owning a name as a writer. From that moment on, I have never looked back, and my gratitude goes to Steven King.

Lessons from the Master

  1. Get a writing schedule

For the master himself, he preferred mornings when writing. He set a goal of covering ten pages per day, which accumulates to about 2,000 words. If you do your math correctly, that is a million words in a year and a half. The afternoons are for naps and dishing out letters, and the evenings have been set aside for reading and family time.

  1. Maintain a simple use of vocabulary and grammar and keep a conversational style of writing

Kind of sounds like a closet writer, doesn’t it? The master says to avoid the use of passive tense, do away with adverbs and use short blocks or paragraphs, and utilize a lot of white space. He went on and said that you should keep everything nicely tight.

  1. Do a lot of reading and do a lot of writing.

He says that when you lack reading time, you will not have the necessary tools to write. He stipulates around four to six hours a day to reading and writing on all days of the week. The two ideas you should jot on getting based on two things:

  • Readers want a popping story.
  • Write about what you like and make it unique. Use your natural voice.

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