Thai Bungor Tree for Landscaping a Stunning Compound or Garden

By | June 22, 2022

Thai bungor trees have a unique place in compounds and plantations where you can use them for landscaping. The tree is famous in Asia due to its landscaping qualities and acts as a hedge for cultivation and plantation areas. It is a species of flowering plant belonging to the family of Lythraceae. It is also known as Thai crape myrtle and Kedah bungor. 

The plant is of medium size and grows to a full height somewhere between 20 to 30 meters. The leaves are simple and are red-colored when young and mature into green color. The flowers are gorgeous and are pink in color, with each containing 5 to 6 petals. The fruit of the tree is an elliptic-oblong shape and resembles a capsule. 

Splendid Looking Ornamental Tree

It is usually used for landscaping and is attractive due to the bright pink color of the flowers that bloom few times per year. You will find individual flowers having brownish calyxes and flower buds. The velvety crinkled petals fade away to give way to pale pink and then to creamy-white color as they age. This is very beautiful to see, and it seems that the tree is capable of producing various kinds of flowers. 

The seeds of these trees are currently exported to several Western countries and the USA. It grows well with little care and can make the surroundings enriching and add to the area’s aesthetic value. It is more often used in city parks and street way decoration, and being perennial is worth investing in for the public good. Its seeds are cheaply available in the market, and anyone can plant and grow it. 

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Again, the tree is also used for medicinal purposes, and part of the tree is used to treat diabetes and kidney diseases. 

Planting and Growing of Thai Bungor Trees

Bungor seeds prefer well-drained, humus-rich soils that have good moisture content. It may not do well in extreme conditions. It will grow best where there is little wind and having good sunshine. You may also propagate the plant by seed or stem cutting, and since the seeds are not lasting, you need to plant them when they are fresh. 

You can plant it in climates that resemble monsoonal, tropical, or sub-tropical. If you grow them with the help of seeds, then it is very inexpensive. A flower bed is prepared before the seeds are planted as the roots do not like to be disturbed while growing. The soil ought to be well-drained, and there must be full sunshine. 

Due to deforestation in Asia and particularly in Thailand, bungor trees have come under the endangered species list. Therefore, it is worthwhile to plant the seeds to beautify landscapes in different countries as there are several varieties of this species. You will find that Thai bungor tree seeds are available online so that you may purchase them in neat packages and as fresh as you may find them in Thailand. 



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