The amazing R. Premadasa Stadium

By | June 20, 2022

Sri Lanka is a country where some great cricket games can be played. The website is always available for wagering on those kinds of events being played in that part of the world.

Of course, great matches deserve to be played in great venues. In this regard, Sri Lanka offers one of the most spectacular facilities for playing international cricket. We are talking about the R. Premadasa Stadium, which is located in Colombo, the capital of the country. All matches that are played here are available at 1xBet, where punters can enjoy multiple wagering options.


History and features of the facility

There are many aspects that make the R. Premadasa Stadium one of the most interesting cricket venues. First of all, it has an impressive seating capacity of 50 thousand spectators. This makes it by far the largest stadium of its kind in Sri Lanka. It is possible to make some top bet cricket from 1xBet, where punters can wager on the best Sri Lankan cricket matches.

The facility is named after Ranasinghe Premadasa. He is a former Sri Lankan president, and he was a huge fan of the game. In fact, he commissioned the construction of the stadium, and that’s the main reason why it bears his name.

The R. Premadasa Stadium opened in 1986. The first match ever was played between the B teams of both Sri Lanka and England. Whenever the Sri Lankan national side plays, you can make top cricket bets from 1xBet on it. Since then, the stadium has hosted multiple competitions and highly entertaining matches.

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Great tournaments and matches

The R. Premadasa Stadium has had its fair share of excellent tournaments. Since its construction, the venue has hosted hundreds of international and domestic cricket matches. They have been played in different formats of the game. Fans can check 1xBet streams now and enjoy those great championships. Some of the tournaments that have been hosted at this venue include:

  • the final match of the 2012 ICC World Twenty20;
  • the final match of the 2002 ICC Champions Trophy;
  • and also, a semi-final of the 2011 edition of the Cricket World Cup.

Overall, the venue is well-suited for organizing all kinds of cricket matches. For this reason, it is regularly used for One-Day Internationals, Twenty20 contests, and even Test matches. Both male and female teams regularly use the facility. Punters can check the great 1xBet streams now, and follow all matches played at the incredible R. Premadasa Stadium.

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