Top 4 Voguish Suunto Watches for Your Next Adventure

By | January 29, 2023


Many athletes are genuinely looking for a watch that provides more data and tells more than just time. A smartwatch which could also be a sports watch, is compelling primarily for people who like to go through intense activities and adventure. One with more customization for tracking performance and stimulates improvement.

Suunto provides exceptional and innovative designs to bold adventurers and sports enthusiasts with advanced logistics into their smartwatches. In addition, all of their watches are uniquely designed to resist cold climates, the depth of the oceans, and the extreme heat of deserts.

Suunto has a lot of iconic models like the Suunto 9 Baro White, which you should get your hands on. Hopefully, this article will help you discover more watches that make a perfect companion on your next adventure! 


1. The Suunto 9 Baro Black – SS050019000

Next to a list of the primary things you need for an adventure, you surely need your watch as well. A watch is something that must be a necessity. Besides that, you want to make sure that your sports watch can also go a ranging distance. 

The Suunto 9 Baro is an all-around watch with over 80 sports modes and GPS navigation. Other key features include sapphire glass material, weather functions, 100 meters water-resistant, and a wrist heart rate.

Latest features for Suunto 9 Series

The Suunto app features heatmaps showing the ideal and safe places for skiing, cycling, running, swimming, and more. You can decide and plan the routes you will take through the Suunto app on your phone. Then, you can sync your route plan on the watch to keep you on track along the way. 

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In addition to the latest features, you can enjoy this convenient over-the-air software update on your Suunto 9 Peak. On top of that, the watch will check your adaption for high altitude by blood oxygen level.

The turn-by-turn navigation alerts will keep you from taking a wrong turn. It works by sending a signal when a turn is near. Also, the brand provides a feature essential for saving and navigating your point of interest. You may add your POI to the app and sync it to your watch. Later on, you can smoothly switch between route navigation and POI. 

Lastly, the ‘tour’ battery mode enables you to enjoy extended time for adventure. This new battery mode can last up to 7 days of steady GPS tracking.


2. The Suunto 9 Peak Black

The company prides itself on its smallest, toughest, and thinnest watch they ever made. This watch fastly full-charges in one hour, which is excellent. This iconic timepiece is made for extreme adventure and training, which offers over 24 hours of battery life in GPS mode. 

It features 100 meters water-resistant and has 80 sport modes on the go. Some of its best exclusive features include the power to check acclimation for altitude by blood oxygen level. In addition, it plans route navigation and identifies points of interest on the app.


3. The Suunto 7 White Burgundy – SS050380000

One of Suunto’s impressively innovative watches is the Suunto 7. It was inspired by the experiences and criticism from divers and artillery crews later in the contemporary period. Known and respected for its robust compasses and watches, it quickly became popular among athletes and adventurers. 

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This watch would be a perfect match for anyone, especially those working on busier days. So make the most out of your time with this watch. It works with iOS and Android with over 70 sports modes, offline outdoor maps for free, and a 50 meter water-resistant. 

The ‘watch-only’ mode battery can last up to 40 days; 2 days for smartwatch mode and a 12-hour GPS mode. It weighs 70 grams with a stainless steel bezel, glass case, and a silicone strap. On top of that, this watch has a 454 x 454-pixel display and a rechargeable battery. 


4. The Suunto 5 All Black – SS050299000

The Suunto 5 is relatively comparable with Suunto 9 with more than 80 sports modes but slightly inexpensive compared to the newer series. It offers seven days for activity tracking, 50-meter water resistance, and adaptable training guidance. 

The watch offers up to 2 weeks of battery life for ‘time mode.’ Moreover, you can connect the watch to a smartphone through Bluetooth Smart, and it is highly compatible with various online sports communities. 

It tracks daily activities, including your steps, stress, sleep, and calories. Also, it has an accurate heart rate sensor and speed and distance tracker. 



The Suunto watch is jam-packed with features that can guide you in all your adventures, from the easiest to the most challenging conditions. Hopefully, this post will help you decide which Suunto watch is the perfect match for you! Thank you for reading until the end, and be sure to check out for amazing deals and worthy purchases.


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