Trending Indoor Plants for Beginners

By | January 10, 2022

Despite all the shortcomings of the lockdown, this period taught us to curate our homes to make them more therapeutic. It is in this period that we’ve seen more houseplants and plants on courtyards and balconies than ever before.

If you are reading this then you definitely want to join the greenery pizazz. This article will help you choose easy-care trending plants for beginners that you can start with. We’ve included some of the all-time favorites that we are sure you will love. Here best container plants for colorado.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Snake plants are pretty forgiving. You can overstretch the neglect, and they will still not die on you easily. They are also very visually appealing with their upward-pointing angular leaves.

What makes them so loveable is that they thrive in pretty much any environmental condition. In addition, they are tolerant to sunlight. They can survive in both direct and indirect. However, they thrive most in indirect light.

Snake plants need to be watered regularly, but you must ensure that the soil is parched before rewatering. They do well in rich, well-draining soil or potting mix.

Devil’s Ivy (Pothos) 

Pothos, popularly known as Devil’s Ivy, is one of the best indoor plants for beginners. It is pretty forgiving, too, and can thrive even in harsh conditions. To learn in detail how to care for the Pothos as well as other Pothos varieties, we suggest you visit Grow It Mobile. They have a very detailed guide on growing Pothos.

Pothos don’t require frequent watering, but they need to be watered generously when thirsty. The soil has to be completely dry between watering. Otherwise, the plant will be waterlogged.

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Pothos is tolerant to different lighting conditions and prefers a humid environment; therefore, consider getting a plant humidifier or placing it in a spot with high humidity like the bathroom.

Because it tends to outgrow very fast, consider potting your Pothos in a large pot with rich soil.

Also, constantly watch out for root rot, pests, and mites. These are the most common problems you will encounter with Pothos. 

Prayer Plant (Maranta leuconeura)

The prayer plant is another beginner-friendly plant that is sure to trend throughout this year. It makes a great addition to the bathroom, where it will regularly be moistened.

Prayer plants are pretty easy to grow and care for, but they are very particular about the environment to thrive in. They do well in low to medium indirect light, well-draining soil mix, and prefer to be watered weekly. Before collecting Prayer plants, check whether your home is appropriate for its growth.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Spider plants are great for beginners because they will always tell you what they need. For instance, when they are thirsty, the tips of their leaves will start to brown, or when they are overwatered, the leaves flop to signal you that they are waterlogged. They also reward generously when they are cared for well. So expect some baby Spider plants in a few weeks.

Spider plants require regular watering, potting soil, and bright indirect light to thrive—nothing out of the norm.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

The Fiddle Leaf Fig has been featured in interior decor magazines more times than we can care to count. This goes to show you just how popular this houseplant is. We are pretty sure it will still be trending this entire year.

While it is beginner-friendly, it does require a bit more attention than the rest, so only pick Buy houseplants online  it if you have the time and interest to hone some plant care skills.

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The plant has beautiful dark green, big and waxy leaves. It has such an impressive visual impact that it’s hard not to spot it in a room. It’s perfect as a centerpiece in the living or as part of the focal point collection.

Most people are scared of this plant’s demand for a warm, wet, and humid environment. But if you can provide this ideal environment in addition to plenty of water and bright filtered light, Fiddle Leaf Fig will reward you.

Please take note that this plant is more prone to pests and diseases, and a drastic change of environment could easily affect its foliage.

Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium Podophyllum)

The Arrowhead plant is a very low-maintenance but visually appealing indoor plant. It’s a perfect option for a total beginner. You can either prop it high on a stool or stand or set it on a hanger planter to display its fabulous beauty.

Arrowhead plants will thrive when placed in a brightly lit room but away from sunlight. It needs watering at least once a week and can be potted in all-purpose soil. Before watering, ensure that the soil is slightly dried out to avoid waterlogging it.

The Arrowhead plant tends to shed regularly, so be sure to clean out the dropped leaves as the leaves are not safe for kids or pets. The leaves can cause vomiting, upset stomach, and skin irritation.


There goes our collection of beginner-friendly plants that are sure to be trending all year. We hope this article has helped get you started in houseplant care. We’ve picked houseplants that are both easy to care for and visually appealing.

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