Who are Today’s Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood?

By | January 19, 2023


actionThese A-list actors are at the top of the leaderboard for salaries within the Hollywood ecosystem

It’s no secret that the actors and actresses we know and love from famous movies are getting paid astronomical salaries for the roles that they lead. The first name that comes to mind for many is undoubtedly Brad Pitt. The actor has always been a frontrunner when it comes to being compensated economically. He first rose to fame back in 1987 with the film No Way Out, but nowadays it seems that anything Pitt touches turns to gold. It’s no wonder then that the actor’s upcoming film Bullet Train is set to earn him a casual $20 million. When he isn’t acting in motion pictures, the award-winning actor enjoys curating art, studying design, swimming and even playing casino games. In fact, he discovered he enjoyed casino games while filming for the movie Ocean’s 11 which features a few important casino scenes. Today he prefers to play Blackjack and even online slots, which are growing in prominence with a variety of deals and discounts for virtual users. One thing’s for certain—Pitt’s popularity is only becoming enhanced in Hollywood, as he continues to be casted for major roles in all different types of genres.

But besides Pitt, there are many other leading stars that rack up nice paychecks for their work. So, this leads us wondering which names are top earners in the ever-evolving movie industry. Between fat paychecks for starring in major motion pictures and all the endorsement deals that go along with that, these celebs are not struggling financially to say the least. Especially as the industry experienced a boom in 2021 and is continuing to release lots of new hits in 2022, the future is bright. Although it would be a long article to recount every single well-paid actor or actress in the Hollywood space, here we uncover just a few of the industry’s highest paid performers.

Daniel Craig

First up is Daniel Craig, or should we say ‘Bond, James Bond’. The long-time actor is perhaps best known for starring as the dashing British spy that was imagined by novelist Ian Fleming over six decades ago. Since 2006 with the release of the smash hit Casino Royale, Craig has garnered millions of dollars thanks to his lucrative contract deal. Most shockingly, the actor just racked up a whopping £18.6 million for the newest Bond film, No Time to Die, which hit theatres in September. And even though Craig has hanged up his hat as 007, he already has other features lined up. The actor will assume a main character role as detective Benoit Blanc in the highly anticipated Netflix sequel of Knives Out coming this year. When he’s not crime fighting evil villains, Craig enjoys working out and socializing with friends at the nearest pub or restaurant.

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Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is best remembered for his role as determined head football coach Herman Boone in the moving 2001 film Remember the Titans, but since then he has starred in countless pictures and received many awards, including several Oscars. Washington’s most recent role in the 2021 neo-noir crime production The Little Things was a huge success salary-wise, dropping a cool £29 million into his pocket. The actor’s success at the box office undoubtedly has something to do with his ability to play a diverse set of characters. His current net worth stands at approximately $280 million (£205 million).

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably in the same league as Pitt, as they are two hugely important actors in Hollywood’s current climate. Most movie fans know DiCaprio from his smash hit films like Titanic and Inception, which really served to put him on the map. But his new 2022 sensation Don’t Look Up that is currently one of the top movies on Netflix earned the star $30 million, as he performed alongside fellow actress Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep. Another chunk of DiCaprio’s salary comes in the form of sponsorship and endorsement deals. For example, he’s been the face of luxury watches by the brand Tag Heuer for many years, as well as the Chinese electric car company BYD. DiCaprio is also known for being a big philanthropist, and he established his non-profit organization Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation the late 90s. Since then the org has raised millions towards a wide variety different causes. Today the actor has an approximate net worth of $260 million. In his spare time, he has been known to like scuba diving, playing video games on his PlayStation, and exploring nature.

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Who is your favorite actor to see on the big screen from this star-studded list?     

Ryan Gosling

Ever since his movie The Notebook, Ryan Gosling has been a total heartthrob in the Hollywood movie scene. With a net worth of around $70 million, there’s no doubt that the Canadian actor is compensated fairly for his performances. Although he has yet to snag an Oscar, Gosling has been nominated four times for an Academy Award, including one for Best Actor in the blockbuster hit movie La La Land where he co-starred with the beautiful Emma Stone. Fans of the actor can look forward to lots more movies coming soon, as he will star in Universal Pictures’ Wolfman later this year. He will also play a main role in The Gray Man, another new action-thriller film that has a 2022 release date.

Michael B. Jordan

Last but certainly not least, Michael B. Jordan has starred in many a hit film over the past decade. He especially gained wide acclaim with Black Panther in 2018 and later with Just Mercy in 2019. However, he received perhaps his biggest compensation ($15 million) with Tom Clancy’s 2021 film Without Remorse where he played a Navy seal. With a net worth that is growing and growing with each passing year, Jordan is definitely one to watch in the Hollywood scene. When he isn’t making films, the actor enjoys tap dancing and working out. In multiple previous interviews, Jordan has been vocal about how he really had no intention of becoming an actor when growing up. But we think it worked out pretty well for him regardless!

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