5 Ways That Creating a Fashion Blog Channel Can Benefit Your Career

By | June 28, 2021

Before we start with the topic, here are some stats for you.

YouTube is the second-largest search engine as well as a social media platform.  Approximately 2.3-billion people use YouTube each day, with an average span of 3-hours.

Well, you can see how much potential YouTube possesses to help your business and career. So many people interact with the platform globally. And they watch hours of videos daily!

Currently, almost 55 percent of marketers rely on YouTube to grow their business. These professional marketers use visual and audio content to spread awareness.

We have also seen a rise in third-party YouTube tools, such as TubeKarma.com. And these statistics scream only one thing; YouTube gives you just the right opportunity to promote yourself and kick-start your career!

If you’re a fashion enthusiast and are seeking ways to build a prosperous career, then we highly recommend adding a fashion blog channel to your list. Why?

Here are the 5-ways that show how creating a fashion blog channel can benefit your career!

Promotion of your Fashion Blog

As mentioned, YouTube attracts a huge audience every day. The watch hours of YouTube are more than Facebook and Netflix combined!

It means billions of people from all age groups and countries log into the platform to watch videos regularly. Also, it signifies that you can use YouTube to spread the word about yourself/business/company to a larger audience.

You can reach to target audience more easily and quickly. People liking your content will further spread the word and support your work. And, so you will be able to promote your fashion blog without having to pay thousands to a professional marketer. 

Establish a Strong Online Presence

Uploading videos on YouTube comes with another benefit, and that is making your online presence strong.

In present times, the internet and social media matter a lot. Often, companies and potential employers will evaluate your skills by your online presence.

Individuals having a strong following or content uploaded under their names get considered as authoritative figures. People in your field are more likely to value your ideas and opinions with a strong positive presence. 

Increase in your Customer Base

When more people come across your videos, some will like them, and some won’t. Using the right techniques, you can help the portion of the audience liking your content transform into loyal followers. 

You can use your videos to promote your fashion products and campaigns. People watching these videos can convert into customers and boost your sales.

Get Sponsored & Paid

Did you know YouTube pays creators with a certain number of subscribers and watch hours? Well, yes, they do!

Creators even get revenue by monetizing their videos.  All of this means you can use the fashion blog channel to generate extra income.

People who have a large number of subscribers and fans also get sponsored by brands and companies. You can also generate revenues by promoting them in your videos.  Consequently, you will use these revenues to invest in your other fashion-relevant projects and grow your career. 

A Gateway to Bigger Opportunities

There is a reason why creators with a high number of subscribers get called YouTube stars.  These individuals are celebrities, and big brands view them as influential figures.

With a high following, fashion brands and companies are likely to approach you to offer better opportunities. They may hire you, make you their brand ambassador, or even form long-term collaborations.


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