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Top 10 Korean YouTubers leading the Hallyu Wave!

By | January 30, 2023

The Hallyu wave is raging in the whole world. From well-crafted limited tele-series to films making history, the global phenomena show no sign of slowing down. Korean YouTubers are equally contributing to this rage. From offering traditional Korean make-up styles and sharing kimchi recipes to assisting newbies in learning the language, there are multiple channels that are almost… Read More »

Why is Jimmy Garoppolo wife trending online again?

By | January 10, 2023

Once again, the 49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has proven his critics wrong. When he injured his foot in the match against the Dolphins, critics and fans alike started doubting his abilities. Multiple news portals reported his exclusion from the team due to the upcoming foot surgery. Throughout the search engines, he was trending. If that was not enough,… Read More »

Here’s revealing the Muggle-born Daniel Radcliffe net worth!

By | December 12, 2022

Do you know what Daniel Radcliffe net worth is? A $110 million (as per the 2022 inflation-inclusive report). Quite much for a muggle-born, isn’t it? That’s not all! He first became a millionaire at the age of 12! ‘Expecto Patronum?’ – not really!! Yes, we are talking of every muggle woman’s dream man – Harry Potter, the hero… Read More »

Know about ‘Best Tiktok Ended in a Disater’ sssniperwolf net worth!

By | December 9, 2022

For all those looking for their 5-minutes-claim – to-fame moments, YouTube is one of the easiest ways of earning cash. It pays you well and ensures you have a proper arena to showcase your skills. SSSniperwolf, or officially – Alia Marie Shelesh, is one of the most popular YouTubers who have gained ground in recent years. Apart from… Read More »

Here’s all the details about ‘The Voice’ coach Blake Shelton net worth!

By | December 8, 2022

We have known him as the coach of the reality singing show ‘The Voice’ for more than ten seasons now. For the unversed – Blake Shelton is also a reputed American country singer, television personality, and a record holder musician placed on the Billboard Hot Country songs chart. With 40 singles and 9 Grammy nominations under his belt… Read More »

Ways to Make Your Entertainment More Eco Friendly

By | December 5, 2022

Over the years, people are growing more concerned about the environment. And it is all for a good reason. After all, taking care of the earth and making sure that it stays clean and sustainable for future generations is what will keep the cycle of life going. These days, businesses are thinking of manufacturing their products in an… Read More »

The Top 10 richest Korean celebrity of 2022!

By | November 29, 2022

The Hallyu wave is raging globally!! With their precise and plot-driven dramas, impeccable acting, and picture-perfect characterisation, they have earned global repute.  Their fan-following has reached this level: people want to know more about their productions, the stories behind the scenes, and the net worth of celebs associated with the projects. So, here it is – the list… Read More »

Who are the world’s top 10 youngest billionaire women? Find now!

By | November 14, 2022

The world is genuinely moving on! Gone are the days of generational riches, hereditary titles, male hedge fund holders, and patriarchal division of assets. Standing in the domain of social media culture, the pathway to billions is no longer restricted to traditional alleys. Some of the youngest billionaire women have deepened their pockets thanks to their roles as… Read More »

Recapitulating Jennifer Garner net worth in a jiffy!

By | November 9, 2022

Recently, one of Hollywood’s sweethearts Jennifer Garner, was in the news. Netizens praised the actor, entrepreneur, and activist for wishing ex-husband Ben Affleck his wedding to another Jennifer (Lopez). Though controversies surrounded their divorce in 2018, and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner net worth was split as per court orders, as co-parents, they have gelled like never before.… Read More »

Do You Want To Have Fun For A Little Money? – Top 5 Budget Entertainment For Everyone

By | October 29, 2022

Having fun is fun, enjoyable and vital! After all, without entertainment, our life becomes boring and monotonous. But sometimes, unfortunately, entertainment is expensive. What to do if you don’t want to spend boring evenings, but the budget is limited? We have collected 5 tips for you! Cards and Games  If you prefer to stay at home, then there… Read More »