Stewart Ford Net Worth

Stewart Ford Net Worth, Career, Philanthropy, and Controversies

Businessman and capitalist Stewart Ford always has our interest when it comes to the big bucks he made. Get ready to know about a classic corporate tale where you will get to know more about Stewart Ford net worth, career, and details about his personal Life.

On his official website, Stewart Ford is described as an Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Venture Capitalist with a long 35-year career.  Also, he has been in the news for offering business mentorship and doing philanthropic work.

Reports suggest that his net worth is estimated to be $160 million. All this wealth is credited to his long business career and ventures as an entrepreneur that fetched him a massive amount of earnings.

Hailing from England, Ford began his career in the Printing and Publishing Industry. Gradually, he shifted towards Financial Services and became an Entrepreneur.

He is the Founder and CEO of Keydata Investment Services that has been in the news for years for a couple of wrong reasons. Consequently, that controversy diverted the attention of the business sector particularly in England.

Let us check out his bio:

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Stewart Ford net worth

Stewart Ford has carved his name among the most wealthy founders and Entrepreneurs of England. So, it’s not surprising that many people want to know how he amassed such huge earnings. Stewart began working at the age of 17 in the publishing sector.

Shifting into the investment business he began his dynamic business journey that helped him build a huge fortune of wealth. As per reports, Stewart Ford net worth is $160 Million.

It wasn’t easy for him to get here because he didn’t inherit this wealth. Rather, he used his skills to build it from scratch.

Apart from his business ventures, Stewart started several Income and Growth Venture Capital Trusts. Through these trusts, he used to give practical business suggestions to PLC companies that helped them drive results.

On the other hand, he began his business ventures like New Media Marketing and Design Agency Zig-Zag Communications.

Later, he started his renowned company Keydata UK LTD. Apart from these works, he mentors businesses and gives back to society through charities.

There are not many details about Stewart Ford’s family. At the same time, there are not many details about their assets or other belongings in the Public Domain.

Childhood and Early Life

Unlike many other business professionals, Stewart did not come from a wealthy business clan. Stewart Owen Ford was born in 1964, in England.

Although many details about his family or background aren’t known in public, he reportedly grew up in an orphanage in Edinburgh.

He had a difficult childhood. He was a mere 10 years old when his mother abandoned him and spent his teen days in an orphanage.

She was an alcoholic and he felt she only left him for a weekend. But, that week turned into a large span of 7 years that left a big impact on his personality.

When he turned 17, he began working in the publishing company. From his success, we can assume that he learned the essence of money quite young in life.


Every Entrepreneur has a particular expertise that makes him a different entity than others. For Stewart, he could keep himself updated. He made use of the opportunities brought by recent trends and found his initial success through it.

In the early 90s, he created his commercial digital photographic studios. The core reason for it was its growing popularity during those years in the US.

Later, he worked in interactive CD-ROMs and other similar services. He made the shift realizing the impact that the internet would be having in the future. Consequently, he played a crucial role in fueling the transition of organizations into the new media age.

With a strong business acumen and knowledge of business processes, Stewart Ford stormed into the scene. The primary source of earnings for Ford has been his companies and the role of venture capitalism.

Every business looks for mentors or consultants who can guide them to make profits. Stewart made the most of this gap by guiding a couple of companies beginning in the early 2000s.

He gave advice and business knowledge to help them reach their goals and drive results. After his short stint in the publishing sector, he funded different companies along with guiding them.

Stewart always knew he wanted to make big and played a vital role in enabling his colleagues to skyrocket in their careers.

The main company of Stewart Ford is Keydata UK LTD. It distributes financial products and data. Apart from founding this company, Ford works as its CEO.

Keydata later collapsed, when it was levied a record fine for showcasing death bonds and manipulating the buyers. Stewart Owen Ford’s case brought him to the global spotlight.

During this 35-year career, Stewart Ford has worked in a diverse range of industries. His experience spans from companies in Fintech to the energy sector.

As an investor, he has supported companies to raise a total of £5 billion in structured investments for their projects. It made him a well-known name in the investment sector.


Stewart Ford net worth and monthly income from business and mentorship are adequate to let him live a luxurious lifestyle. Before the Keynote Controversy, he used to live in Switzerland.

As a public figure, Ford has been relatively confidential about his private life and lifestyle.

Although, he maintains a decent lifestyle. At the same time, he does a lot of philanthropic activities and funds various trusts.

In contrast to other wealthy people, Stewart Ford isn’t too flashy about his wealth and is not commonly seen at parties or other events.


Stewart Ford came under fire when his financial Company Keydata came under allegations. Stewart Owen Ford was levied a hefty fine of £76 million.

The Financial Conduct Authority levied this insane fine after a long-drawn case. It started back in 2010 when the collapse of this company almost made the investments of more than 40,000 people go down the drain. The case continued at various levels and the final result came out in January 2019.

It was called out for the wrong sale of £475 million “death bonds” to wrongly manipulate the buyers. The buyers were kept under the pretext that they were eligible for tax-free ISAs.

Following the claims and verdict, a tussle ensued between Stewart Owen Ford and FCA. In his defense, Ford counter-sued them. He filed a counter sue for £370 million. Also, he alleged that this action was a politically motivated decision. Further, Ford went on to claim that his company was highly successful and that became a cause for its targeting.

During his statement, he mentioned that keydata held approx £3 billion of assets under his management.  It was obvious that the reputation of the company suffered irreparable damage.

Stewart Ford on social media

There is no concrete presence of Stewart Ford on social media. He isn’t an active public figure or social media icon, unlike other personalities. After all, his main field of work is the corporate sector. Also, the controversy pushed him further behind the public eye.

He is often confused with Sir Jackie Stewart. He is a former race car driver. Similar to Stewart Ford he hails from Britain. Sir Jackie Stewart net worth is estimated to be $50 million but has no link to Stewart Ford. He retired after a fatal crash involving one of his teammates.

Stewart Ford Philanthropic Work

As mentioned above, there are not many details about Stewart Ford’s Personal Life or Family in Public Domain. But, he shared on the Public Platform that his daughter was born with Ring Chromosome 20 Condition.

In these conditions, children show normal development until they start getting seizures. It causes identifiable and frequent seizures among patients and also alter their behavior.

Consequently, he dedicated himself to starting a Chromosome 20 Charitable Trust. It was started in 2002.

Apart from this, 4 years later he started an organization to help people suffering from the impacts of this condition.

Alongside treating the patients, it works on further research on this disorder. It highlights his affection as a father to help others recover or better deal with this condition.

There is less awareness among patients and their loved ones about this disorder. So, the medical practice works on helping them talk, get support, and understand Ring Chromosome 20.

Most businessmen engage in social services in an attempt to give back to the society. In another such attempt, Ford actively works with a program that gives vehicles to Ukraine.

It is known as the ‘Jeeps for Peace’ campaign. The goal of this program is to help injured armed forces and civilians forced to leave their homes in challenging situations.

Stewart Ford Mentorship

A Businessman or Entrepreneur has first-hand experience driving organizations to success. They often use their expertise to guide others in a variety of ways. Ford does similar work by mentoring other leaders and companies from diverse industries.

In this endeavor, he uses the extensive connections that he has developed over time. Also, he helps companies and professionals to stay in touch with recent trends, and adapt to them to move forward.

In 2007, he decided to step down from the daily activities of his company as he made adequate assets and net worth. Moreover, he shared that his further focus would be mentorship and Charitable work.

Final thoughts

Businessman, entrepreneur, and mentor, Stewart Ford is the Founder of Keydata. The company came under criticism when the FCA imposed a record fine of £76 million on the company for the improper sale of millions of death bonds.

He has been known for having a strong business acumen and knowledge of business processes that he uses to mentor companies. He guides and funds them to achieve their goals and conform with the upcoming business trends.

Undoubtedly Stewart Ford has a massive net worth. But there is no official update on it after the Stewart Ford FCA case after the former counter-sued FCA. We hope to get some update regarding him soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How old is Stewart Ford of Keydata?

Stewart Owen Ford of Keydata was born in 1964, in England. The exact date is not known in the Public Domain. Currently, he is 59 years old.

2. How does Stewart Ford make money?

Stewart Ford is a Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist.  Also, he works on providing mentorship to companies and works on Philanthropic activities.

3. In which industries have Stewart Ford worked?

Stewart Ford has worked in several industries starting from Printing, Publishing, and shifting to Investment Services. Also, he has worked in Fintech, Renewable Energy, and many other diverse industries. Presently, he is the Founder and CEO of Keydata UK LTD.

4. What is the Stewart Ford FCA Fine case?

The primary organization of Stewart Ford, Keydata, was levied a record fine of £76 million for the wrong sale of millions of death bonds. It alleged it to be an attempt to manipulate buyers by FCA. But, Stewart Ford called the case to be ‘politically motivated’.

5. What is Stewart Ford’s real name?

The name of the Businessman and Entrepreneur is Stewart Owen Ford.

6. Is Stewart Ford married?

There are no details about the wife and other family members of Stewart Ford in detail. But, he has a daughter dealing with Ring Chromosome 20 condition.


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