E Jean Carroll Net Worth That Grew Due to Gonzo Style of Writing

E Jean Carroll Net Worth That Grew Due to Gonzo Style of Writing

E Jean Carroll is an inspiration for all writers out there. If you want to dig deep into E Jean Carroll net worth to understand how much can you make as an American author, you’re in the right place.

The American Journalist and Columnist E Jean Carroll has been in the headlines for her work and controversies that have made aspirants want to explore her journey.

According to reports, E Jean Carroll net worth is between $5 million to $7 million. These earnings are from her work as a columnist, author, and television personality serving audiences over the years.

The American Columnist and Author gained popularity for her column Ask E. Jean, which used to get published in Elle back in the ’90s.

Apart from writing one of the most extended-running columns in America, she came under the limelight for accusing former President Donald Trump of sexual assault.

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E Jean Carroll Net Worth

Popular Columnist E Jean Carroll’s journey from a columnist to a multi-millionaire has been long and challenging. The beginning of  her journey went through journalism, it took her a lot of time and work to build this.

Before getting famous for her column, books, and appearances, she worked as a journalist, contributing writer, and editor. She was Playboy’s first female contributing editor and has earned praise for her work ever since.

Apart from writing columns, books, and appearances, E Jean Carroll has multiple sources of income. She holds expertise in giving relationship advice, and essential work in the Media World has contributed to her finances.

Given her expertise in relationship advice and strong personality, she made multiple appearances on TV shows. They included The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and more.

No doubt, her wit and brave personality made her an ideal guest in media shows. Moreover, she hosted her talk show, Ask E. Jean, and hosted various renowned personalities.

As of November 2023, E Jean Carroll net worth is $7 million. But interestingly it is said to increase to $12 million after Donald Trump pays her in compensation for their ongoing court case. As per latest reports, she is entitled to receive this sum and that will multiply her assets almost double of what she possesses now.

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Childhood and early life

The bold, confident, and opinionated nature of E Jean Carroll reflects that she had a good upbringing. She was born on December 12, 1943 in Michigan. Her father’s name was Thomas J. Carroll, and her mother’s was Betty Carroll.

Born to an inventor father and a Republican Politician Mother, she grew up in a well-balanced family. She has three siblings and is the eldest of them. She grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with her siblings.

E Jean Carroll studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in English. While attending Indiana University, her multi-talented nature was reflected when she became a Pi Beta Phi member and a cheerleader.

Due to her intelligent and confident Personality, she was crowned as Miss Indiana University. It was in 1963, and the following year, she won the Miss Cheerleader USA title, representing her institution.

She revealed in one of her interviews that she felt free while growing up with a feeling that she could do whatever she wanted. While growing up in the 40s and 50s, she could ride bikes in town, and she began this at 14.

Today, there is no information about her children in the public domain because she doesn’t talk much about her personal life in public appearances.


The most appreciated work of E Jean Carroll has been her long-running column. Her advice column used to be featured in Elle Magazine from 1993 to 2020.

She used to offer various kinds of advice, particularly related to relationships, with her honest and witty responses that gained her popularity among readers.

One of the highlights of those columns has been her urge to tell women that they shouldn’t revolve their lives around men. Also, she used to write back responses to letters she used to receive. In those responses, her compassion and empathy for the people going through difficult times won her applause.

Brave women used to cheer her pieces, and her quirky writing style made it a rage among familiar readers. People waited to see what she would write next.


Before coming up with the popular column, Carroll wrote for different shows like Saturday Night Live in the 1980s. Her impressive and successful writing won her an Emmy Nomination for the same.

After writing, she appeared as a TV Show Host from 1994 to 1996. Her show Ask E. Jean television series aired on NBC’s America’s Talking, which was entertaining and popular.

Given her popularity, she wrote pieces for leading magazines like The Atlantic and Vanity Fair. Also, she contributed some for Outside, Esquire, and New York. One of the highlights among these was that she became the first female writer to contribute to the famous men’s lifestyle Magazine Playboy, which targets male audiences.

One of the unique features of her Gonzo Style of writing was that she explored different situations, writing that experience in the 1st person Narrative.

Taking her writing career ahead, she has written several fictional and Non-fictional Books.

One of them was  What Do We Need Men For? A Modest Proposal.

In this book, she shares instances from her personal life experiences where she mentioned allegations of sexual assault by Donald Trump that turned into a considerable controversy.

Since her college, she used to study and take part in co-curricular activities as well. This multi-talented nature is reflected in her career, where she donned different roles.

The recent one has been that of entrepreneurship. She took this expertise in the relationship genre, where she co-founded the dating website GreatBoyfriends.com.


E Jean Carroll net worth and income long-drawn career have permitted her a decent and luxurious lifestyle in an upstate of NYC. As a Public Figure, she often dresses confidently, exuding power and strength.

A familiar name in the glitzy nightlight of NYC during the 80s and 90s, she was everywhere on the scene. She was a part of essential dinner parties, came on TV, and entertained with her writing.

There is not much known about her choices of food or investment. But she does not make any show-off or flaunt an expensive lifestyle. Her wealth is reflected through her knowledge, intellect, confidence, and style.


Carroll was always the talk of the town due to her cheeky style of writing, where she used to give bold and brave advice to Women. But, the most significant controversy for E Jean Carroll has been the allegations of sexual misconduct she had put against former President Donald Trump in 2019.

She alleged that the incident occurred in 1996 and shared a few details in her book. However, Trump denied it, and she sued her for defamation in court.

The case became more severe when more than 20 similar allegations were brought against him. Further, she filed another chance when he claimed she made these allegations.

She filed a civil case where he was liable to pay damages when proven guilty. Consequently, there was no risk of a prison term. All these instances occurred during his President’s time, putting her under the spotlight.

The court proceedings in this case have made headlines in recent months.

When Carroll was fired from Elle, shutting down her long-running column in February 2020, she alleged that the decision was linked with the Trump Case. However, the organization maintained that it was a purely professional decision.

Personal life

The advice columnist E Jean Carroll, known for her exceptional and quirky relationship advice, was married and divorced twice. There is no detail on her current relationship status.

She first married Steve Byers, and the couple divorced in 1984. They used to live in Montana. However, she later shifted to NYC due to her journalism career.

Next, she married an anchorman, John Johnson. But, the couple divorced in 1990, and she hasn’t married again. There have been no updates related to her personal life, relationships, or children apart from this in the public.

Why is the writing style of E Jean Carroll distinct?

The former beauty queen and Journalism star E Jean Carroll has been a popular name in the elite media world of New York. Through her columns, Carroll made candid talks about success and love.

Her writing style has been hilarious and relatable. Although the storytelling format has gained popularity in the present times, she was impeccable in it. She could convey interesting stories with empathy where a reader could feel it.

The intelligent and funny nature of Carroll is reflected in her writing. Further, the tabloid-era audience resonated with her candid writing style. In entertainment and literary journalism, writers always chase scoops, i.e., exclusive stories.

Carroll was the one who could do it at a time when people didn’t use cell phones or the internet. She used to go out, talk to people, and get interesting stories for readers in her gonzo writing style.

While writing in the 1st person, she made readers feel they were a part of the story, sharing humorous or outrageous stories. It significantly impacted readers, and as a result, she became one of the first females to write for a men’s magazine.

Due to her writing style, she has often been compared with other leading journalists. Her bravery and funny side are reflected in her stories.

Income streams

E Jean Carroll net worth grew from $5 Million to $7 Million from different works like TV Shows and Column writing. Her other sources of income are:

  • Earnings from her dating app
  • Contributing Articles

Further, as she has been awarded compensation from the sexual allegation case, her Net worth will increase.

Social Media

Unsurprisingly, a popular media personality like E Jean Carroll has a decent social media following.

On Instagram, she has around 12.5K individuals following her. Alongside, she is active on X and has a massive following of 287k followers.

Final thoughts

Literary Journalist E Jean Carroll has been a popular name in the media sector of NYC, particularly during the 80s and 90s.

Readers, particularly women, were obsessed with her frank advice column on relationships, success, and more relatable topics. However, after raising sexual allegations against Donald Trump, she has again made it to the headlines.

Winning the case against the former President will add to her net worth. We hope to see more of her unique and popular writing reflected in her amazing gonzo storytelling style.

After all, we all look for entertaining, insightful, and relevant content with a tint of entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Full Name of E Jean Carroll?

The Full Name of E Jean Carroll is Elizabeth Jean Carroll.  She is known for her popular column Ask E. Jean for Elle. It ran from 1993 to 2020.

2. What is the Age of E Jean Carroll?

E Jean Carroll was born on 12 December 1943. She is 79 years of age.

3. Who is E Jean Carroll’s Husband?

E Jean Carroll was married and divorced twice. She first married Steve Byers. The couple separated in 1984. At the same time, she married John Johnson and divorced in 1990.

4. Has E Jean Carroll Received any Money from Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has started to abide by the court’s order of paying $5 million. He moved some money into a court-ordered bank account for her in June.

5. What awards has E Jean Carroll won?

E Jean Carroll won a Nominee Primetime Emmy

Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program in 1987. She was nominated for her writing for Saturday Night Live.

6. What is E Jean Carroll age?

Right now she is 79 years old and still slaying!


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