7 Killer Tips for Argumentative Writing

By | April 4, 2021

Argumentative essay writing is a process for revealing the analytical and persuasive skills of students. Teachers don’t give this task just for fun, but to see what students can do with their ideas. After writing an argumentative essay, you can track how easily you can find evidence to persuade peers, teachers, or other people from your surroundings. Writing skills are as crucial as persuasive skills because it is essential to stand for your idea in a potential career. Every professional should prove their viewpoints, and you are no exception.

Some students who even have strong writing experience feel it is problematic to be persuasive enough for their audience. Therefore, they ask qualified services for help. With advanced writing experts, they practice writing and develop an argumentative style. To find feedback from students who have already used these services, you can read from the Essayshark review page. Try to spend your study and business time wisely and read our seven killer tips on making your argumentative essay outstanding.

1) Choose the right topic. 

If you have the freedom to write an argumentative essay about anything, try to select something that would be interesting for you to research. It is unnecessary to choose a topic related to your field of study, but you can find an original approach. For example, a suitable topic for an argumentative essay on psychology might be, “Do you need to prove you are lucky by buying a lottery ticket?” With this topic, you can apply your knowledge on psychology terms and social factors based on personal experience.

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2) Have a notebook and a pen always at hand.

When you are at the research stage, you need to write down anything that comes to your mind while reading a book on your topic or watching a video of an expert. Having margin notes is essential to collect enough evidence because they will help you persuade your reader. Always remember that brainstorming and research are processes that stand together, so a pen and paper are best friends for you during this time.

3) Construct an outline.

Before you begin writing, make sure you can include all collected materials in the introduction, body, and conclusion of the outline of your argumentative essay. Sort your information in each section, noticing a lack of facts in places where your argumentation is stretched thin. To make your organization even more comfortable, describe each paragraph with one sentence from your sources. This will act as the background for the future argumentative essay.

4) Provide a thesis.

A strong thesis is fundamental for writing a quality argumentative essay. For example, you can say that buying lottery tickets is not a proper way to tell if you are lucky or not. Even when you win something, you can’t become happy, and it depends only on your inner issues that are not connected at all with winning the lottery. A strong or moderate thesis statement will lead you to the right understanding of how you can extend this idea in the body paragraphs.

5) Support your viewpoint.

Each body paragraph should be filled with evidence supporting your position. Start each section with a topic sentence where you describe what you are going to prove. Stay confident and concise; otherwise, you’ll make your reader confused.

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6) Demonstrate the opposing argument.

This step is essential for an argumentative essay because you need to show your audience which conception you are standing against. Also, the teacher calls upon it to give a counterpoint. For example, you can show that buying a lottery ticket is a game that brings a fun and cheerful mood for those who play. To refute this idea, you can write about the danger of this notion because people can be victims of a new addiction in their lives and not find positivity in other things. Therefore, a person could spend a lot and still fail to win anything.

7) Conclude.

Concerning the final part of the argumentative essay, try to fill it with a bright point. Some scholars say that you can paraphrase the thesis statement, but others prohibit this. It is also a clumsy tactic to bring in something new. Don’t overwhelm your reader; continue your thought from the introduction and body paragraphs to a logical ending.

Believe it or not, practice is essential for making your argumentative essay classy. Don’t give up, and you will do a great job!

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