7 Tips To Write An Outstanding Essay On A Cricketer

By | November 22, 2023


Cricket is now among the most played games in the world. It is popular mainly in the Subcontinents (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka), England, Australasia, and the Caribbean Islands. Therefore, millions of people commonly follow this game like a religion.

If you are a student from these regions studying abroad, you can opt to write an essay on a cricketer.

-Are you attending an essay like this and wondering how to approach it best?

Then, in that case, you have come to the right page. This article discusses some tips for writing an outstanding essay on a Cricketer.

Tips For Writing An Outstanding Essays On Cricket 

The Cricieing world is studded with stars like Brian Charles Lara, Sir Garfield Sobers, Imran Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, and modern greats like Virat Kohli. Every generation produced remarkable cricketers. 

Their heroics on the field made them stars and demigods in their own realm. These cricketers are revered in their own countries and celebrated as global brand ambassadors of the game. So writing an essay on a cricketer would be fascinating. But you have to mold the individual’s life history in the structure of an essay. 

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Here are some ways through which you can write it well –

1. Selection Of The Topic 

The first tip that can serve your needs is selecting the topic. It is one of the determinants of writing a high-quality essay. If you select a difficult topic, things will be really difficult for you to manage. So you must focus on the present-day topic to write down the essay. 

For instance, you can write about the role of Sachin Tendulkar in popularizing Cricket. To explicate it, you can use data from the internet on the game’s popularity. You can trace back to history to pen portray the reach and expanse of the game that it attained in the last decade. You can use a host of other information to write down your essay. So it’s always better to ensure that you select one topic on which you get adequate data.

2. Reading The Essay Prompt

After selecting the topic, the first thing that you have to focus on is the essay prompt. It provides the requirements of the essay. Different universities have their own essay prompt patterns. So you have to spend time understanding the needs of the essay. Apart from specific information related to the topic, you can also learn about information like font style, font size, and alignment. 

Universities like MLA, Chicago, Vancouver, APA, and Harvard follow different reference styles for essay assignments and dissertations. You can get it all in the essay prompt. So you must invest your time in reading the essay prompt’s details. It can help you touch the quality you want with essay writing. 

3. Focus On Research 

The quality of an essay stands on the pedestal of research. A student has to focus a lot on the research and ensure that the quality of her essay reaches the optimum level of excellence. 

When you have finalized your essay topic, you can work on selecting resources. For instance, you are writing an essay on the role of Virat Kohli in popularizing the Indian Premier League. For this, you can find relevant information on the internet on the revenue generation of IPL. Then you can focus on how commercial brands use these stars to popularize their own brand, meaning you can describe the play of economics revolving around the cricketer. 

You can take information from books, newspapers, journals, and scholastic studies on Cricket from the internet. You can find out researched studies from Google Scholar. Other than this, you can also optimize your university library to collect the information.

4. Individual Performance  

When writing an essay on a cricketer, you must trace back to record books to extract the best performances. These records can help you establish the achievement of the athlete. Though cricket is a team game, individual performances create the difference between two teams playing a cricket match. 

When writing an essay on cricketers, you can get data from a noteworthy and authentic reference book called Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, or Wisden. It is a reference book (popularly known as the Bible of Cricket) published annually in the United Kingdom.  

5. Characteristic Traits That You Can Relate

Cricket is a game of resilience, perseverance, nerves, and patience combined with power. It is a game where the captain’s intellect and strategies find direct reflection in the field. 

Therefore, character and charisma evolve strongly when we dissect the life of a cricketer. Some cricketers showed great individual strength, like batting and bowling ( like Jacques Hobbes, Sir Viv Richards, and Wasim Akram). 

But at the same time, some cricketers had great management skills. So when you write an essay on a cricketer, you must focus on the character traits that made them great. 

6. The Tone Of The Essay

The tone of the essay is an important aspect of the essay. It is one of the determinants of the success of an essay. While writing it, you have to understand what the audience likes to read. It is always best to write in a simple style. It can help you convey your ideas best to the general public. 

For example, you can compare the best innings of Lara ( 400 runs against England) with the highest score of another great and try to assess the role of these performances in the context of the situation and requirements of the time. So you bring in the juxtaposition of facts to highlight the greatness of the individual performance.

7. Revision 

If you have written a great essay without revision, it is a job half done. While you write an essay, you can make many mistakes like typos errors, spelling and grammar mistakes, incomplete sentences, and others. 

So you have to give your time to revise the essay. You will find errors in the flow of language and expressions when you read it repeatedly. You would like to add some sections or select a few of them. These edited works can help in the refinement of the essay.

Present students are making use of AI tools like Grammarly. They are effective, and they successfully cut down your time.

Putting The Discussion To A Close 

A good essay depends on many factors, and as a student, you must continue learning from your mistakes. While writing an essay on a cricketer, you must focus on the structure, research, and bring out the individual performances. This is how you can make things impeccable.

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