Helpful Podcasts For Actors You Should Definitely Follow.

By | December 6, 2021

The acting industry is versatile and ever-changing. There are new things coming up all the time. Actors should keep themselves updated with the latest trends to keep up with the industry.

Sometimes, it might be difficult for them to do so. Also, actors and artists need to have knowledge about other aspects of the industry too.

Podcasts can become very helpful for staying updated as well as learning more. This article will explore a few podcasts that an actor must listen to for diving in a little deeper!

  1. The Long and Short Of It.

This podcast was recorded by Jen Waldman along with Aussie Shepherd in New York City. He’s an acting teacher and creative guru. 

This is one of the most practical podcasts. Creative processes are discussed in this podcast. They also explore the steps which come to use when you’re putting ideas to action. 

The podcast is unique because of its peculiarity. It describes in detail the little things like the morning routines, how artists spend their cash, how they curate their resume, and so on. 

  1. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.

Dax Shepard is an actor starring in the movies Employee of the Month and Idiocracy. He released his podcast recently to share his insights.

Shepard invites other actors to his show and confronts them with uncomfortable questions. From personal struggles as an actor, to peculiar business questions, this podcast covers a wide range of aspects.

This is the unique point of the Armchair Expert. This can help actors to gain insights as well as learn more about the industry and acting in general.

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3. The Dreaded Question.


Lili Torre interviews actors as well as other people like business owners or agents on this show. Actors who might be looking for practical approaches and information can listen to this podcast.

This podcast offers practical advice to creators in various aspects. Artists can explore various avenues to pursue in the field. The Dreaded Question is one of the most realistic podcasts out there.

Lili starts with the question, “What are you up to?” in every interview. The discussion moves further with realistic advice from artists who are struggling and working.

4. 10,000 No’s with Matthew Del Negro.

Del Negro has launched podcasts earlier and they were appreciated highly. Those three shows had actors who were very successful in the industry. But he brought up a new concept with 10,000 No’s.

In this show, the interviewer invites the people who haven’t received as much success. The show tries to bring up realistic scenarios in front of artists. Hence, this podcast is very informative.

Matthew has focused on the artistic industry as a whole in this podcast. Various directors, showrunners and artists have been interviewed about their struggles and career. This provides deeper insights about the lesser discussed aspects of the industry.

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