How Japanese slot game alternative is winning everywhere? 

By | July 5, 2023

Are you bored playing the same online games at the casinos? Are you looking for something more exciting? You can explore the option of slot game. As one of the most-opted gaming categories, for starters, it offers you higher payouts, huge offers, massive bonuses, and, topping it all – complete privacy. Thus, rest assured – this option will never let you feel repetitive in terms of your gaming experience. 

As you scroll down this article, you will get a fair idea about the gaming laws prevalent in Japan, why there has been a boom in the domain of online slot games, and what are the available slot games. Without waiting any longer – 

What puts Japanese slot games ahead of others?  

If you’ve come here late, then let’s inform you at the beginning that – Japan has seen an uprise in a new variety of game slots – officially known as the Sumasu slot or the Sumasolo. This is comparatively different from traditional online slot games since its primary objective is to enhance – user operability. 

Using cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, these slots have been created to ensure that gamers (traditionally, Japan has been a gamer’s paradise and famed for Pachinko parlors) get an intuitive and engaging interface while they are playing their game. 

The other factors that have resulted in a rise in these Japanese slot game formats are – 

  • The interactive nature of the games 

The biggest positive of Japanese online casino slot games is their interactive nature. Starting from touchscreens to motion sensors to animated graphics – there’s not one domain that online casinos have not touched in recent times. Innovating in multiple domains, the games have created a new thematic backdrop, wherein a new range of anime styles have been updated to impress the Japanese audience and showcase the variety and variability of Japan in global domains. 

Also, the game admins have added a whole new set of graphical storylines and created engaging characters who have redefined this genre of gaming. Furthermore, as the game proceeds, the players can collect the bonus features and symbols and increase their levels of winnings and credits immensely. 

  • Well-sharped gaming innovations 

The fact that Japan is more technologically advanced than most countries and is working tirelessly to improve its stand in the market – is certified in its range of gaming innovations. The dynamic scenario is backed up by the creators who work behind the scenes to enhance the technical intricacies behind the screen. 

The sharpened techniques ensure that the gamers, while in the game, can navigate from one end to another (especially when partaking in competitions) and improve their gaming experience, and carry out more payouts. 

  • Progressive jackpot with every spin

Another area where Sumasolo has exceeded expectations comparatively is their rate of jackpot wins with every spin. In normal slot games, you will see for yourself that the jackpot is a fixed amount in most cases. You win it, and you win big! 

However, the online casinos operating in the Japanese domain function in a significantly different way, wherein the jackpot rates increase with every spin. So, every time you are spinning the jackpot wheel – the rate of the moolah increases, and you win it big. Its large payout is extremely appealing to one and all! 

  • Unique features and mechanics 

Do you want to know what’s the biggest attraction of Japanese slot games? Its unique set of features is its trademark and the gameplay mechanics that it presents. The storylines and the characters have been enhanced significantly by the creators, thereby ensuring that the themes and the genre that these games define or stand for – are immensely exciting and engaging, thereby keeping the gamers glued to the screen. 

Rather than the traditional format, the Japanese have sought forth a change in the narrative wherein there has been a gamification of the different elements, and the framework of the same has been advanced significantly. 

  • Competitive environment 

Unlike many others, or to stretch it to any other online game format, the environment in the case of Japanese casinos is extremely competitive. With people constantly competing in terms of gaming levels, Japanese slot games offer an engaging interface, thereby ensuring that the participants are head-on while competing professionally with each other. 

What are the Japanese laws related to this? 

As far as online casino slot game in Japan is concerned, the associated laws are strict in regard to the technicalities, especially ensuring high-security and complete privacy for the individuals. Also, the country, in order to push forth its online casino market of slot-based games – alternatively known as sumasolo, has brought forth a host of rules and regulations that are extremely beneficial for the players and increase their profits tremendously. 

The Japanese legislation on online gambling with its format of checks and balances, as well as compulsory registration and monthly on-site checking of online casino sites – have established a seamless connection between the government authorities and regular gamers. 

Thus, be assured – that when looking for or playing within the Japanese domain, the perks of your gaming experience are significantly higher. 

Which are the top slot games? 

The slot games that are making waves currently in the market are – Fortune Dragon, Retro Tiger, Medusa 1: The Curse of Athena, Pixel Invaders, Out Of The Ice, Jungle Delight, Net Giants, Pinata Smash, and The Creepy Carnival. Most of these games come with secure withdrawal and deposit formats and with the acquisition of an official license. 

That’s not all! The fact that these games are random and packed with wild and scattered symbols, free spins, and bonus plays make them comparatively desirable vis-a-vis the other offered varieties. So assuredly, you have a wide diversity of present slot games from which you can take your pick. 

Final thoughts 

With the laws related to online gambling becoming specified in multiple countries, the number of gamers has increased significantly. Additionally, the ever-rising fame of slot games has added to that seamless gaming experience. Therefore, as a gamer – especially looking forth to playing up in the Japanese casino domain, this undoubtedly is the best available time. 


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