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Lord Alfred Douglas And His Stormy Relation With Oscar Wilde

Lord Alfred Douglas was an English poet and journalist. However, more than his work, he is widely known for his homosexual relationship with Oscan Wilde. It was a time when homosexuality was a big social taboo. However, they lived in a very passionate relationship that had several crusts and troughs. They lived together till the end until one of them drew his last breath. It was Oscar, following whose demise Lord married to Olive Custance and had his son with her. So, if you are willing to know the whole story, it will require you to read this post until the end. Let’s find more! 

Who Was Lord Alfred Douglas? 

Alfred Douglas was a renowned journalist and poet in England who was more famous for his homosexual affairs. He was one of the three sons of his parents and the favorite among others for his mother. She used to call him Boysie, and this nickname glued to him for the rest of his life. Later, his parents separated, and his mother married a different guy. When pursuing his studies in Oxford, he got an opportunity to edit a journal, The Spirit Lamp. This journal had erotic homosexual instances that can be credited for evoking homosexuality in the English poet. This also raised a severe conflict between Alfred and his father, which used to occur every now and then. 

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Various Aspects Of Their Relationship

Relationship With Oscar Wilde

Now you know about the protagonist of this post, let’s have a look at his relationship with Oscar Wilde. Alfred’s cousin introduced him to Wildey for the first time. Oscar was married at that time and had two kids, yet they started seeing each other. A contemporary novel, “The Green Carnation,” published at that time, depicts the intimate relationship between Douglas and Wilde. However, the same content was taken as the reference when Douglas’s father filed a case of homosexuality against Oscar. Oscar was jailed on the grounds of this text. Some say that Alfred cheated on him, yet, they always remain reconciled. 

Translation of Salome 

When translating one of Wildy’s works into English, which was initially in the French language, Douglas got highly criticized due to his poor French. It filled him with fury, and he put it on Wildy that stated the original work itself was flawed. It raised a stirring fight between the two, and they get involved in the exchange of messages to one another. Besides, the involvement of other critics and literary persons criticizing Douglas’s work worsen the situation. However, they worked it out later by praising and supporting each other’s work. 

Wildey’s Illness

Once, when living with the Wildly, Douglas fell ill due to influenza. Wildy took good care of Douglas and made him well. However, being in contact with Douglas, Wildy, too, got the same illness. But this time, Oscar failed to return the favor, and instead of being with him in his hard times, he moved to a magnificent hotel. Whatsmore, he sent the bills of a male prostitute to Wildy on his 40th birthday. The story doesn’t end here! He lifted his shirt to the male prostitute that has the letters exchanged between him and Wildy. It didn’t turn out well and lead to the blackmailing on the grounds of the letter texts. 

Role Of Alfred’s Father 

The father of Lord Alfred Douglas was entirely against this homosexual relationship. The conflict started at the very point when he started editing the journal “The Spirit Lamp.” It didn’t end here. His father filed a case against Oscar for homosexuality. He left nothing untouched for humiliating Oscar publicly. Annoyed with this act, he sued Douglas’s father for defaming him publicly. However, the text from the book The Green Carnation was used to prove the relationship that dragged Oscar behind bars. These events affected their relationship, and they keep arguing with each other now and then. However, their relationship remained intact till the bond finally broke. However, it was not that they separated; it was the death that took Oscar away from Lord Alfred Douglas. 

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At the very beginning, when Alfred’s father suspected that something is cooking between them, he lashed out at him for leaving Oxford before even completing his degree. Besides, he was also angered for Douglas not having the right future goals. In return for these angry words from his father, he sent him a telegram mocking him to be a funny little man. 

Lord Alfred Douglas After Wilde’s Demise

The relationship between Douglas and Oscar was full of ups and downs, yet, they never separated from each other. However, after Wilde’s demise, he denied homosexuality of Oscar. Besides, he got married to a woman and got one child Raymond. Douglas was involved in his homoerotic work, and he misattributed Wildy in his works. Douglas was considered a ruined person at that time, and he was blamed for spending money on gambling and boys. He expected Oscar to lose his pocket for his wicked taste. This triggered several fights between them. Douglas used to admire the literary works of Oscar. 

The Betrayal Story

Lord Alfred Douglas had a reputation as a ruined and reckless person. On the other hand, Oscar was charged for homosexuality to humiliate him publically. Besides, he was also sent behind bars for the same reason. Douglas was said to be in a selfish relationship with Wildy and made things worse for him in many instances. After his demise, he turned out against him and upbraided his homosexuality. In a court trial on Allan, who was playing Wildy’s Salome, Douglas described Wildy as the greatest evil force and regretted having met Wildy. 

Exchange Of The Love Letters 

The exchange of love letters is also one of the most crucial aspects of their relationship. They held an extraordinary place and caused several ups and downs in their relationship. Sometimes, they used as evidence against Widy himself. Sometimes, these letters went to the wrong hands that lead to some sort of blackmailing. The exchange of the letters tells the story of ditching and reconciliation in their storming reconciliation. Sometimes, they used to exchange the hated words, and sometimes to express the Greek affection for one another. The letters used to be dramatically intense and were written in a poetic manner. However, there were strong and intense genuine feelings embedded in these letters. 

Final Words! 

Reading this post until the end, you can get an opportunity to experience the roller-coaster ride-like love story between Lord Alfred Douglas and his loverboy Oscar Wildy. They had several ups and downs in their relationship, having the stories of love, intimacy, hatred, betrayal, and burials of the hatchet. Hope you like reading this post. If you want more from us, visit our blog section and explore your favorite categories. 



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