Roulette is a gambling entertainment in demand at Fairspin Casino

By | November 15, 2023


Among the many entertainments offered to the users of Fairspin online casinos (including slot machines), roulette remains the most popular. The demand for the game at grows every year due to the wide variability of bets, which means frequent chances to win and break a good score.

For beginners who do not yet know the essence of entertainment, roulette refers to a rotating drum with numbered sections. At the heart of it is a spinning ball, which subsequently indicates a certain number of the winners. This gambling entertainment “chooses” the winner spontaneously and unexpectedly.

A little background on the emergence of roulette. Even in ancient times there were improvised games of Roman legionnaires, who put horizontally simple wheels from the wheelbarrow and rotate them. It is also believed that gambling roulette appeared in the period of capitalism, when in the XVI-XIX centuries in European casinos specially made wheels to play with a small ball of ivory. The principles of entertainment were different for each institution, and even now you can find some clubs that have special nuances of the game, which are different from the main ones.

Popular variants of roulette

Today, there are such varieties of roulette games, which are common at Fairspin online casinos:

  • French;
  • European;
  • American.

All of the above online roulette have their own features, but the principle of operation is the same.

French Roulette

One of the very first appeared just French roulette, which is still at the peak of popularity and gave the development of other variations of entertainment. This type of game is characterized by the following:

  • it is possible to use only chips, which are then exchanged for money;
  • choosing a table, the player must focus on the table restrictions, which determines the min and max allowable bets;
  • at falling out of sector Zero equal bets are either returned to players, or remain on the field till the next drawing;
  • players can put bets of external and internal type personally, and oral bets – only croupier after the announcement made by the gamer.
  • Playing French Roulette will not be difficult, even for a beginner, if you follow the game carefully.

European roulette

This type of entertainment is similar to the previous one, but has the main difference – the use of English terminology, which facilitates the game process. Otherwise, the rules are similar. There are 37 quadrants (0-36), Zero is green, the rest are red and black, which alternate between them. The objective possibility of falling out zero in European roulette type is 2.7%. It is never involved in betting.

American Roulette

This type of entertainment has similar rules to the previous game. Among the characteristic features are the following:

  • The green Zero sector has two values at once – 0 and 00
  • A different arrangement of numbers;
  • The number of croupiers can be up to three people (depending on the number of players at the table);
  • Bets are made by special tokens of different colors;
  • There is no verbal bets;
  • Payouts are made in ascending order.

Online casinos n Fairspin redlagaet its customers a huge variety of roulette games.

Features of virtual roulette

Playing roulette for money at Fairspin online casino means having a real chance of winning, and it really does. The essence of entertainment is to guess a number from 1 to 36. In the process of spinning the wheel, the ball is launched, which stops after a few spins on the same sector. 

In the case of a correct hit, the player becomes the lucky winner of a win of 35 times his bet. In addition to everything, you can also bet in the game on the color of the wheel (red or black), row, column, dozen. The bets light up on the green cloth table, which shows the numerical values. On the official web portal the game is available to users in a demo version without registration.

Before starting to play any of the varieties of roulette, the player needs to carefully familiarize himself with its principles and rules – in this case, he will have a much better chance of winning.

Android and iOS – play on any platform

Today a modern person cannot imagine his usual day without any gadget, especially a smartphone. In this regard, information technology steps forward, offering new opportunities, including the ability to play your favorite slots, while on a lunch break, a business trip or vacation. The main prerequisite is Internet access and a stable connection.

With the help of phones and tablets players can also make bets for real money, withdraw funds, monitor the top games in the gambling establishment, their rating, etc. Popular online institutions offer mobile versions and applications that are supported by any device.

The positive and negative sides of online roulette

Roulette is a favorite game of both beginners and avid gamers. Among the disadvantages of online entertainment users note only the lack of live communication. The advantages are much more – it is a lot of varieties, a wide range of rates, realistic animation, availability, and the ability to play for free and without registration or for money.

Demo mode

All players can take advantage of the trial version of the gameplay and test their strength. This provides a demo version of the game without any financial risks. Bets are made only in virtual credits. This is a great opportunity to learn the rules, the strategy regardless of time. Demo roulette available without registration.

Playing for money

Most players choose to play for money because of the high chances to win, the feeling of real excitement, the game in real time, the confidence in the transparency of the results. Want to see for yourself how good the online casino is? Then don’t hesitate to visit the Fairspin online casino and go for the win! Rest assured, your luck will be with you!


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