Six Strategies

Six Strategies to score more marks in Board Exams

Every student in classes 11 and 12 is concerned about scoring well. This is because, once they enter class 11, they realize the value of getting a good score. Undoubtedly, a good score will help them to get into good colleges and further into good jobs. Most of the students prefer to have NCERT books as these books cover everything and are as per the CBSE guidelines. Also, you can easily get the solutions to the questions in the NCERT book. No matter what subject, you can easily find the solutions on the online platform. You can download the NCERT solutions class 11 and 12 as well.

These solutions are as per the CBSE standards and will ensure that you will score full marks. Many students seek help from these solutions for revision and practice. Solutions help the students to clear their doubts as the questions are displayed as per the CBSE requirement. We all know that the competition is high, so before starting the preparation, it is important to build some strategies which help in easily reaching your goals. Though hard work is the main key, the right strategies will make you reach your goals efficiently.

Following are some of the strategies which will help you to score well in board exams:

  • Have a competition with yourself-Challenging your inner self is the best competition you have to deal with. This will induce you to do better day by day. If you will compete with others, the results might not be good but if you think you have to compete for your own score, you will definitely reach heights. Do as many as sample paper or mock paper, to improve yourself. This will build your confidence but also increase your speed at completing the exam.
  • Know the syllabus- The NCERT books are designed as per the CBSE guidelines. The NCERT book 11 and 12 includes all topics. The topics are covered properly with detailed information which helps in easy understanding. While deciding on books, know that the NCERT books are strictly designed according to the board syllabus and the question in the exam would never come out of the syllabus.
  • Always look out for solutions- It is never advised to stick to the questions you are not able to solve. Seeking help from the solutions always help in saving time. Also, the step by step explanation makes the concepts clear and understandable. You can easily download the solutions in PDF format and carry them anywhere you want. This makes learning easy and efficient at the same time.
  • Evaluate your weak points- For good results, it is very important to focus on your weak points. Getting to know your weak points will help you to improve them. And improving them will help you to score well. To know your weak points, you can solve sample papers or mock test papers. Some are not good at retaining, writing speed or lacks time management. These should be considered and should be worked upon to score well.
  • Solve question papers- To understand the pattern of the exam, it is very much important to solve the question papers. Some of the question papers are available in the NCERT books and if not, you can visit some good educational online platforms. You can have easy access to last year question papers, sample papers and mock test papers. This will help in knowing where you need to work more.
  • Time management- Time management is the key to everything. There is no benefit of understanding the basics if you are not able to complete your exam on time. To increase your speed, it is important to practice the sample papers. To retain better, try to study in the early morning as it helps in learning better. Also, never waste time doing unnecessary stuff and use that time practically. Focus on self-study rather than relying on anyone.

So above are some of the strategies which will surely help you out to perform better. Also, never study continuously and take a break in between. This will help in increasing your retaining power. If you are looking for the best online educational institution, you can contact Infinity Learn. They have the best teachers with good years of experience who will assist you. Also, know that you can get direct solutions to the NCERT textbooks which will even help you out with your competitive exams. You can download their doubt app and get the solutions anytime you want. The solutions are solved as per the CBSE guidelines, so you will score full marks. Make sure to divide your time for revision of each and every subject. The revision will help in locking all the concepts which you have learnt before.


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