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By | January 15, 2022

Tanmay Bhat is an Indian stand-up comedian, writer, performer, producer and co-founder of the creative agency All India Bakchod along with Gursimranjeet Singh Khamba.

Tanmay Bhat (Stand Up Comedian and Writer)

Tanmay Bhat Indian comedian

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1] Tanmay Bhat Overview

Tanmay Bhat is a popular Stand-up comedian besides co-founder of India’s famous comic podcast called “All India Backchod”. He is a versatile personality being a performer, producer and writer at AIB.

It can be stated that AIB is ruling the Indian YouTube arena by its witty, sarcastic and sometimes, even offensive stand. Tanmay Bhat is included in the list of top ten comedians released by the Times of India. He has made many fans by his outstanding comic timing.

2] Tanmay Bhat Early Life

He was born on 23rd July 1987. His hometown is Mumbai and he completed his early education from Sheth Chunnilal Damodardas Barfiwala High School. He was a brilliant student in his school days and used to top his class.

Tanmay Bhat was overweight from his school days. He had to go through the process of fat shaming all through his childhood. He decided to use humour to counterattack everything that was thrown to him due to being overweight.

He claims that being overweight has actually helped in his comedy career as he made comedy the method to take out his own shame and rage. He even sometimes laughs while stating the fact that jokes cracked by overweight Tanmay gets a much better response from the audience. He actually made the staircase to the success by the bricks which were thrown at him to let him down.

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3] Tanmay Bhat Professional Life

Tanmay realised his potential as a comedian in his school days when he performed for twenty minutes in a function at his apartment. He mesmerized the audience with his humour and was rewarded with applause from them. That performance made him realize that he can make people laugh from the stage.

He has put a lot of efforts and hard work to reach to the fame and success that he possess at this moment. He started his journey as a writer.

He joined the Mumbai Mirror, a popular newspaper with headlines of Mumbai city, as a writer at the age of 18 After that, he has made great progress in his writing career as he has written for many TV shows till now. He has also written for the EEMAX Awards and Filmfare Awards.

He got his initial breakthrough as a comedian in 2009 when he participated in the “Weirdass Hamateur Hunt”, a nationwide comic hunt.He emerged as the winner of that competition. After that success, he made a firm place for himself in the comedy world. He got a place in the “Top 10 Comic” list by the Times of India.

He and his friend Gursimran Khamba founded “All India Backchod” in 2012. It has become a popular YouTube channel for its creative and witty content.

4] Tanmay Bhat Achievements

Tanmay is a member of Weirdass Comedy, a company initiated by Vir Das for writing and performing comic acts. He performed the opening Stand Up act on the show “Walking On Broken Das Tour” hosted by Vir Das.

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Tanmay has performed comedy acts for big corporate companies such as Audi, Times of India, British Airways, Vodafone, Tribal Fusion and BBC.

Tanmay Bhat was one of few Indian comedians to get an opportunity to feature at the show called “Local Heroes” at the comedy store in Soho, London.

Tanmay Bhat has also featured with comedians from the UK in the event called Best in Stand Up. He is also a good actor and has performed small roles in Ragini MMS and MR. X movies.

Tanmay has also become an inspiration for overweight people by making an incredible career after lifting up from fat shaming. He also have shredded down more than 100 kgs in one year.

5] Tanmay Bhat Controversies

Tanmay Bhat has a career full fledged of controversies. He and AIB got their name on the lips of people when they performed a roast show called AIB Knockout which included Bollywood Celebrities such as Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone along with his fellow comedians. The show was criticized for brazen and offending comedy.

He became the victim of criticism again when he released a Snapchat video filmed about a fictitious conversation between Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. The fans of these demi-god personalities thrashed him for this video. The local political parties even filed FIR against Tanmay Bhat.

6] Tanmay Bhat Videos

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