By | December 23, 2021

Many celebrities collect unique collections or do unusual things. As a result, over time, what happens is that these objects generate interest sometimes as much as the stars’ main activity. The passion for their collections sometimes resembles madness, as it does for ordinary people. Some collections and activities are also quite unusual, and we will talk about them below.


Collecting railroads and collecting trains is adored by many men and boys. But this musician outdoes them all. His railroad takes up almost the entire third floor of Stewart’s home in Peoria. Stuart’s obsession with the railroad came as a child. The trains even featured prominently in the musician’s work, with several songs dedicated to them. 



Quentin Tarantino also has unusual and interesting hobbies. In one of his interviews, the actor and director said that he is fond of collecting and selecting board games collected by cinematic genres. Among Tarantino’s favorite items, he noted “Dawn of the Dead” and “Universe.” The latter is the closest in spirit to the famous film “2001 Space Odyssey.” 



Ben Affleck is an excellent gambler and does not ignore online slots. Ben Affleck even won the prestigious California card tournament, held annually by Commerce Casino. At this tournament, Affleck managed to beat “Spider-Man” Tobey Maguire, who is known as an ardent poker fan.

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This Hollywood star prefers to play “Nintendo” video games. Her other passion is collecting ancient coins. 



This actor and film director has a rare hobby for men. Arquette enjoys knitting. And this is really an opposition to his reputation. How can you imagine such a glamorous character, sitting peacefully at knitting needles? The actor’s infatuation even led him to the cover of the “Celebrity Scarves” collection for needlewomen in 2005. 

In conclusion, it is clear that celebrities have much more opportunities to realize their passion and hobbies in comparison to other people. Anyway, such hobbies as gambling or knitting don’t require great money investments – for example, you can simply enjoy online Roulette on your smartphone. Board games are also not very expensive. So, try to consider the unusual hobbies of the celebrities as a certain motivation – maybe you also need to start an interesting new hobby? You will just need to practise, invest time and energy in it, and who knows, maybe you will win the card tournament as Affleck or promote your own collection of scarves as David Arquette?

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