What Is The Reason Behind Cricket’s Popularity Even in 2022?

By | February 26, 2024

Amidst so many options in the present time, cricket is still one of the most popular and loved sports in the world. You can find people fondly playing cricket in the streets of many countries. Many people are crazy about the game, the matches, and the players! 

Some people even check the cricket score through apps, platforms, and websites. Indeed, cricket is a fever that is never-ending! But still, why is a cricket game considered to be a much more popular game? 

Well, this post will quickly review the reasons behind the popularity and charm of cricket one by one.

An easy sport to play

The prime reason why cricket is so popular even in the present time is that it’s easy to play. It has been a brilliant sport for children and is even more popular with females. Moreover, not to miss that cricket has a massive fan base, and numerous endorsement deals come from diverse brands.

Most of such deals are from bat manufacturing companies. Contrary to other sports, crickets enjoys an astounding number of global recognitions. However, the game does risk falling behind other sports because there are many countries that favour other sports. But it does not mean that crickets is growing dim, not anytime soon!

Influence and glory of the World Cup

You know the crickets World Cup has grown popular over the many years in countries like India, England, Australia, South Africa, and West Indies. Apart from these nations, crickets is also getting popular in Asian countries Bangladesh, UAE, and Afghanistan. 

Crickets is presently the second most popular sport after football, and this sport has spread across the world. It has turned out to be the commonest game for people of all ages and backgrounds. Indeed, nearly 2.5 billion people actually watched the India-Pakistan match during the World Cup. The competition has also seen considerable growth for the sport beyond the Indian subcontinent. Even though the World Cup is still in its initial stages, the sport has even surpassed its previous viewership records and devastated television viewing documents.   

Easy to understand cricket rules 

Rules of crickets are absolutely easy to follow if you compare them to other games. The game is played between two crickets teams, each having eleven players. In every single inning, each team will bat, and the other team is going to bowl. The fielding team is going to throw the ball to the batsman during this phase. This is known as an over. The other team is going to bowl out the batsmen, and hence the fielding team will bowl the other crickets team. Hence, it is all fun as well as creates curiosity and suspense in the cricket fans!


So, today since you can easily get live scores and know what is happening on the crickets ground, the excitement grows exceptionally. Indeed, all the discussed points show how adored crickets sport is!

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