Britney Spears wants Jodi Montgomery to be her conservator permanently

Britney Spears Wants Jodi Montgomery to Be Her Permanent Conservator

Britney Spears recently said that she wants Jodi Montgomery to look after her as a conservator permanently. Montgomery had been looking after Britney and all her decisions for two years now. She proved herself extraordinarily efficient and caring. Britney’s lawyer, however, wants to hold the right, which enables him to end the power of the conservator if anything goes wrong in the future.

Britney filed new documents to the court for her conservatorship plea. The documents said that Britney requests the court to avail Jodi Montgomery of her full-time conservatorship. The singer wanted her father to quit his job as her conservator. She does not wish to be under the guidance of Jamie Spears anymore.

Britney’s father Jamie agrees on conservatorship by Jodi Montgomery

Britney put down that her father Jamie Spears renounce the conservatorship of her daughter temporarily during 2019 September as According to documents collected by TMZ. Jodi has played Britney’s conservator of singer’s person since then. Now the singer wants Jodi to continue her job. Britney is pleased with Jodi, and Jamie also agreed to this settlement.

Jodi Montgomery is not holding conservatorship of the singer’s estate. The power remains with her father and the company named Bessemer Trust. They are sharing the conservatorship of Britney’s estate. Montgomery has the job of influencing Britney’s regular life and help her to take personal settlements.

Britney want Jodi to continue her job as she feels happy with her

The documents submitted by Britney laid out that she want Jodi to go forward with her conservatorship. She feels happy with her. The power of Jodi as the conservator consist of limiting visitors, retain security guards and caretakers. Jodi will also guide Britney to meet doctors in terms of medical issues. She can even litigate any restraining command in case of civil harassment.

Jamie Spears will still be making decisions with Bessemer Trust over her daughter’s estate, i.e., finances and investments.

There’s something very significant written in the documents filed by Britney’s lawyer, as said that Britney holds the right to end the conservatorship to herself under section Probate Code 1861. Moreover, the lawyer exactly put it in such a way that Britney would have the power to waive off the conservatorship of her person if she ever wants.


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