Johnny Nash, Famous for Singing “I Can See Clearly Now” Dies

By | June 13, 2023

Johnny Nash hit the top spot in the 1970s with his famous track, “I Can See Clearly Now.” The song was a rage at that time.

His son informed that the singer was at home at the time of his death on Tuesday. His reasons for death are still unknown.

Johnny Nash was from Houston. He debuted in 1957 with “A Teenager Sings the Blues.” It was his first major-label Single. He saw major success in 1972 when reggae-tinged climbed top charts for continuously 4 weeks.

He became an international sensation with sold out 1 million copies and more. Nash was among those non-Jamaican artists to see success in Jamaica with reggae-tinged songs.

Johnny Nash one-hit-wonder or more

Johnny Nash was often called a one-hit-wonder, but his “I Can See Clearly Now” cover contributed to many new artists’ success. Many of that song covers to hit the top 20 list. Jimmy Cliff recorded the Cool Runnings song cover in 1993.

John Nash III, his son, said that he was a family man. It was his priority. He played the perfect father all his life. His death is a very emotional moment for the people he loved.

Carlie Nash remembers his husband’s memory.

Johnny Nash’s wife Carlie Nash said that she kept his husband’s bell-bottom trousers, which Nash wore in his concerts singing his hit songs. She remembers that he used to have a black jacket while he sang soul Train.

Nash’s official website said that he worked with Bob Marley, a reggae legend himself, recording a song once.

Nash did cover Marley’s song Stir It Up. The song got a wider audience through that. Then they worked together on the song. You Poured Sugar On Me.

According to the interview of Johnny Nash in Zoo World magazine  he said that music was for the ears and not restricted to age. In 1973 he told Cameron Crowe, a journalist, that he believed music has a universal quality.

Johnny Nash’s songs picked up pace in pop radio in later times of the 1950s. There were songs like “The Teen Commandments” and “A Very Special Love” climbed up his charts of the top 30 at that time. The teen commandments had Paul Anka and George Hamilton also featuring.

Johnny Nash short success from 1967

The pop singer’s career saw success from 1967 when he started working in Jamaica. He worked with JAD Records before this for a few years.  The famous level went on to sign Bob Marley, Peter tosh, and the wailers then. Nash did not enjoy his success for long, though. He was only in the top charts in the United States in 1973.

He was also very popular in the UK. “Tears on My Pillow” reached no. 1 on top single charts in the UK in 1975

Nash was featured in many shows and concerts.

Nash starred in noir L.A Street gang of Dennis hopper in 1960. He also appeared in Golden globe nominated Take a Giant Step in 1959. It was a very socially aware drama. It was nominated for  Best Film Promoting International Understanding.

Johnny received the silver sail at Locarno International Film Festival in 1960. His performance was full of intensity, and he was appreciated that. Nash featured in Love Is Not a Game, which was a Swedish drama.

He performed in shows like rock concerts. Nash also appeared on numerous Don Kirschner, the midnight special, American bandstand, top of the pops, and Soul Train. Nash did talk shows with The Mike Douglas Show and Johnny Carson as well as Jack Paar.

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