List of the best Jonah Hill movies you can’t miss

By | May 23, 2022

Jonah Hill is an actor who often plays comedic characters in his movies. He is still appreciated for his ability to act in comedy. He has received many major awards for his performance in films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball.

Hill is also well-suited to comedy roles, and he’s actively improving his game in comedic roles thanks to his large body. He’s tried to lose weight several times in his career for his serious roles, but it hasn’t worked for him. The characters in Jonah Hill movies always effectively support the main characters and give the audience a sense of humour.

Jonah Hill has worked extensively in the film industry beyond being an actor. He writes scripts and directs movies. In addition to acting, he also made music videos. Hill has directed numerous commercials for the franchise and several video games. He has voiced many characters in animated movies. He’s also done a lot of big things on television. 

Jonah Hill movies

Here’s Jonah Hill Filmography: 



Hill’s primary work has also been seen in films and comedies, but he began writing and acting on his own before entering the film industry. Writing for himself and then acting alone made him want to act in movies. He made his film debut with I Heart Huckabees. Hill had a supporting role in Knocked Up in 2007.

Hill appeared in The 40 Year Old Virgin and then had a similar role in Grandma’s Boy in 2006. That same year, Hill starred in the films Accepted and Click as a supporting actor. Jonah Hill movies could be case studies as he continues to experiment with his roles. He’s done comedic roles, but they’re all different, and the difference comes from Hill himself. He experimented with his comedy, and that made the difference between ordinary comedians and those played by Hill.

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Hill starred in the comedy film Superbad. He then starred in Funny People and Strange Wilderness. During this time, Hill remained involved in other parts of the filmmaking process, such as producing and directing the film.


Hill has also worked in independent films such as 2010’s Cyrus and several others.

Jonah Hill starred in Moneyball in 2011, and he received his first Academy Award nomination for a supporting role at the following year’s Academy Awards. The following year, Hill had supporting roles in 21 Jump Street and The Watch. In 2012, Hill guest-starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

In 2013, Hill worked as a supporting actor in This is the End and The Wolf of Wall Street. The latter is my favorite of all the Jonah Hill movies, earning him his second Oscar nomination for his supporting role in Martin Scorsese’s film.

Hill’s next film was 22 Jump Street in 2014, where he continued the character he played in 21 Jump Street. Hill’s next film was 2015’s True Story, where he played Michael Finkel. In 2016, he starred in the films Hail, Caesar! and Wars Dog. The same year, Hill worked on the animated film Sausage Party.

In 2018, Rest assured, it won’t go far to be added to Jonah Hill movies. The following year, Hill starred in the comedy The Beach Bum. Hill’s last release was 2021’s Don’t Look Up, starring Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jonah Hill movies


Jonah Hill not only acts in movies but also works on television. He started working very early in the field of television.

Hill began his television journey with the sitcom Campus Ladies, where he played the role of RA Guy, and he appeared briefly in an episode of Clark and Michael. He then starred in Human Giant and Wainy Days in 2007. He appeared on Saturday Night Live as himself from 2008 to 2018 for five episodes.

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In 2008, he appeared on Sesame Street as himself in an episode. The following year, Hill worked in television with the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Reno 911!, and The Simpsons. He has worked in television with Jonah Hill movies. In the years to come, Hill starred in Allen Gregory and Animals, in addition to appearing as himself in several television shows.

Hill appeared on Maniac and The Chilling Truth on television in 2018. He also worked on Maniac as an executive producer. In 2020, Hill appeared on Curb Your E in love with himself.



Jonah Hill has worked in many movies and TV shows in addition to being an actor. He voices many characters. He has worked as an executive producer, director, and screenwriter on many films. Hill has also directed numerous commercials and music videos. He has played many important serious roles other than comedians.

In addition to feature films and television shows, Hill also makes short films.

Jonah Hill movies

As a Writer and Director: 

Jonah Hill movies include some of the work he has done as a writer and director. Hill started writing before filming started. He has written stories and written scripts for many projects. He has worked as a co-writer for many films.

Hill wrote and directed the 2018 film Mid90s. He has directed numerous music videos for artists, including Wake Up for Travis Scott.

Most of Hill’s characters in his films may be comedians, but he has a wide variety of comedic roles. He offers versatility in the same types of roles on film. Some of Jonah Hill movies are well worth watching and you should consider giving them a try.

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