Nathan Apodaca

Nathan Apodaca, Viral ‘Dreams’ Skateboarder, Tests Positive for COVID

Nathan Apodaca became an internet sensation after his viral TikTok video, where he skateboards with Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” playing in the background. He had some life-changing moments this year due to his overnight fame. Currently, the man is battling with coronavirus.

As per reports, Nathan and his fiancée Estela Chavez had symptoms of coronavirus. Their results were positive. The couple had been traveling a lot since they garnered worldwide fame for the viral video.

Nathan Apodaca tests positive for COVID

Nathan Apodaca rose to fame with his viral video on TikTok. Like every other known face, the man has been enjoying the attention. He got engaged to Chavez in Las Vegas in November. They were headed to Los Angeles after the ceremony.

Nathan soon revealed that he was working on different projects in November and that is probably how he got infected. According to sources, the resident of Idaho had been traveling to and from Los Angeles to avoid long drives. Although he bought a brand-new Ocean Spray truck, he preferred flights to save time. Nathan revealed that he had never been on flights before.

The couple started having symptoms of COVID around four days after coming back to Los Angeles. They experienced fever, headache, congestion, cough, and breathing difficulty. The sources say that the couple took the test for coronavirus after going through the symptoms and got their results positive.

Nathan canceled a gig he had scheduled two days after he got the results. He was also planning for a holiday with his family, which he had to postpone.

Nathan recently bought a five-bedroom apartment at Idaho Falls where he is spending his quarantine. The man said he has had a great year till now and hopes to get well soon along with his would-be-wife Estela. Well, let’s hope they get well soon and have no videos coming up for us.


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