Ryan Phillippe Takes a Dig at Ellen for Being Mean on Her Show

By | June 28, 2023

Ryan Phillippe was out for a run on October 24 Saturday when he took a dig at Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen has been in the news for all the wrong reasons during the pandemic. So, more and more people are calling her out.

Ryan Phillippe mocks Ellen for being “Be Kind”

Ryan posted a selfie on Instagram during his run in front of a poster of Ellen’s show. He mocked Ellen, captioning the picture with “And remember to be kind…. Wait,”. The “Be Kind” is a pet phrase for Ellen DeGeneres for years in her show.

Philippe last featured in the famous talk show in 2011. Reese Witherspoon, Ryan’s ex-wife, recently appeared in Ellen’s show in March with her daughter Ava of age 21 and 17-year-old son Deacon.

The toxic atmosphere in the Ellen DeGeneres show

The rumor of Ellen DeGeneres being toxic offset has been going around for years. BuzzFeed reports suggest there were mean behaviors with security guards and even with some of the guests. Moreover, few of the show’s executives were accused of sexual harassment. The investigation is still going on. Warner media also looked internally at the continuous hindrances in the show.

Ellen disappointed with unfortunate incidents

Ellen DeGeneres respected these rumors, saying that she tried to make the shows set most respectful from the initial day. She ensured to bring happiness every day without any screaming on set. Ellen said that she was in utter disappointment when she realized that the show’s atmosphere didn’t remain the way she thought. The Emmy winner talk show host apologized for that as well.

The show will go on

The 62-year-old Ellen will be back with her talk show as per US Weekly. The show producers confirmed that Ellen would not back off, and the show would be on. DeGeneres, though, accepted later in August that she had bad and good days, which resulted from her being a multi-layered human being.

Ellen takes full responsibility for all the unwanted hindrances

Ellen accepting the backlash, said that she was regretful about such unfortunate incidents. There were most of the times she used to be not in the set. Hardly any information she knows about those nuisances.

The comedian premiered her talk show in September again. This is the 18th season of the talk show. Ellen talked about those rumors even in the show and how her summer badly due to those.

She addressed her viewers, saying that she realized that her position contains powers and privileges. Those two things also come with great responsibility, and she took all responsibility for whatever took place, unfortunately on her show. She then started her presentation with her famous line, “This is The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” We hope it all works out for the best, and we have more to see of her and the good things about the show.

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