The Weeknd got a plastic surgery like former girlfriend Bella Hadid

The Weeknd Got a Plastic Surgery Like Former Girlfriend Bella Hadid

There’s no surprise seeing The Weeknd in dramatic makeup and costume. He reaches notches higher with his new look in his recent music video. The name of the video is “Save Your Tears.” Fans can not take their eyes off from the prosthetics which he is wearing.

The internet is going gaga over it, and you have to check out the video right now if you haven’t already!

Is The Weeknd hinting at something with the music video?

According to many fans, his look at plastic surgery is hinting towards his former girlfriend, Bella Hadid. Bella is an American model and has always been in the papers due to rumors of plastic surgery. However, Bella Hadid dismissed such rumors every time she was questioned. She said that people had this perception about her doing surgeries on many body parts.

It is very much scary to get his lips job done with fillers, according to her.  Hadid said that she welcomed everyone to scan her thoroughly if they have any doubt about her. She can never take the risk of distorting her face.

Bella Hadid is from Los Angeles. She had worked with Chrome Hearts on many occasions. There was a collection of performances of her and Chrome Hearts.

The look presented that people had beaten him up, and there was bandage all over him.

The rumor had it that Abel Makkonen Tesfaye (The Weeknd’s real name) had done plastic surgery to his face. But it was actually prosthetics.

So much so to just take a dig on your ex-girlfriend? What do you think it really means?


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