Top Five Reasons Why You Should Try Coliving in Hyderabad

By | March 22, 2022

As a millennial or a Gen Z-er in today’s world, you’re someone who’s ambitious and full of passion, always ready to explore new opportunities. That’s why you moved to a city that’s as full of life as Hyderabad to check out the potential for growth in your academic and career journey. And as you start chasing your dreams, you want life to be as hassle free as possible. After all, who wants to be tied down with household chores when there are so many new opportunities to grab and explore? That’s why we think that coliving hostels in Hyderabad might be the perfect accommodation for you. Because this living solution is one that’ll allow you to have all the convenience of managed living along with all the comfort and community feeling of living in a regular hostel. And that’s not all, coliving actually has a lot of benefits that make it attractive to today’s youth. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons today:


You’re starting out your college life or career in a metro city like Hyderabad so it’s obvious that there’s going to be a tonne of places for you to spend your money on. Buying a house is obviously not a priority for you at this stage in life. But at the same time, renting an apartment can get quite expensive and difficult to manage. Coliving, on the other hand, is the perfect compromise. You’ll be living in a residence that’s fully furnished and provides you with all the basic amenities and comforts for no extra effort. And the cost will be built into your monthly rent, making it cheaper than living in a flat.

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When you sign a lease agreement for a flat, you’ll probably have to commit to at least a year and be forced to pay a penalty if you break the lease early. But since coliving caters to young people, it’s a lot more flexible when it comes to contracts. If you’re someone who travels a lot, this might be perfect for you as you won’t have to worry about huge lock-in periods, brokerages or complicated move-out procedures. In fact, if you opt for a large coliving provider like Stanza Living which has residences all over the country, you might just be able to move into another one of their residences in a new city without any hassle or house-hunting at all.

Community Feeling

It’s easy to feel a little lonely and confused when you first move to Hyderabad. And if you’re living alone, those feelings tend to get exacerbated. But in a coliving space, you’ll always have a sense of belonging. Sharing a residence with others and engaging in activities with them will help you all come together as a community. Since a lot of young people find modern life quite isolating, this is a ready-made way for you to interact and meet new people and make friends.

Work-Life Balance

If you live in a flat, you come home after a long day’s hard work only to be faced with a mountain of household chores. But coliving realises that your non-work time is precious and can be used to do things you actually enjoy. That’s why coliving providers offer all the services necessary for household management, like cleaning, laundry and food. So that you can use your leisure time to actually sit back and relax, without worrying about an endless list of tasks.

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Unlike the traditional paying guests(PGs) in Hyderabad with a guard at the gate, coliving spaces take security very seriously. You’re sure to have 24×7 CCTV surveillance and your residence might even have biometric access in place to ensure that you stay safe. So you don’t have to worry about your security while living in these spaces, and you can be assured of transparency and safety even without shelling out on a gated complex.

These reasons make it pretty clear that coliving is the way of the future for young people in India. So, if a convenient and hassle free living experience with all the perks sounds good to you, why not give coliving a try? 


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