Where to study if you want to become an actor?

By | February 3, 2024

Acting is one of the most lucrative careers to pursue in the world. It comes with a fortune after appearing in some of the best glossing movies, series, and shows. Actors also enjoy life in the limelight and opportunities to travel the world, meet people, and participate in unique events. 

While some people may be natural actors, training helps you to sharpen your skills, consequently increasing your potential. School teaches you insightful elements like stage presence, lighting, voice production, and building a brand. It is also a chance to meet future peers in the industry, directors, and producers as you seek to grow your network. 

How to choose an acting school

Many colleges of different levels offer acting courses. The qualifications range from certificates to diplomas and degrees. Here is an excellent source of homework help that will enable you to pursue your dream acting career without worrying about assignments and essays. You can also get homework help on the other course you are pursuing if you wish to take part-time acting classes. 

The school you choose to study acting has a significant influence on your career. The quality of training and level of exposure to acting will shape your career. Here is a guide on how to choose an acting school. 

  • Accreditation 

Only study at an accredited institution. Accreditation happens once the institution fulfills particular requirements. The studies will also be regulated by the accrediting body, guaranteeing quality studies. The certificate or qualification you get from the institution will also be recognized in the industry. You leave the institution confident that your skills are sufficient to earn you a decent career in acting. 

  • Alumni profile 

What is the profile of the actors who have studied in the school? The profile of actors gives you an idea of the kind of career you can also expect to have. It demonstrates that the institution instilled valuable skills in them, enabling them to scale the heights of acting. The possibility of earning such a career is also high for you. There is confidence in knowing that the other people who studied in the same institution went on to enjoy career success. 

  • Specialization 

Acting schools specialize in different areas. Some offer general theater studies that could include voice, film, and stage performances. Others will enhance their programs to include directing and film production. Depending on the skills you have already acquired, choose a school that will bridge the gap. The availability of a wide variety of courses enhances your capacity in the acting industry. You can later graduate into a producer, scriptwriter, or director. You also understand what it takes to occupy such roles in a production setting. 

  • Requirements 

What is required to enroll in the school? Your academic performance could play a big role in some colleges. In others, you will be required to provide a record of productions you have participated in. Choose a college with lenient terms that will enable you to pursue your dream career. 

  • Learning arrangements 

How does learning take place in the institution? Can you take courses online or do you have to travel to the institution? Consider the in-class training and practical work because acting involves a lot of outdoor activities. Some of the best institutions invite experienced actors for lectures. They will also link you to production companies for exposure. A comprehensive learning package will help you to sharpen your skills and enjoy a stellar career on screen. 

The best-acting colleges in the world

The Old Globe and the University of San Diego

The institution is found in San Diego, San Francisco. It is a partnership between The Old Globe- a production company, and USD. It has been in operation since 1987. The partnership resulted in an MFA program under the directorship of a renowned director, choreographer, and actor Jesse Perez. The program only accepts the best in the industry. Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory is an alumnus of the program. The program takes 2 years but will help you to conquer the acting industry and actualize your dream of being on the screens. 

California Institute of the Arts 

The school is found in Valencia, USA. The institution was founded by the creator of Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney wanted to produce talents that could meet his expectations in a wide range of acting projects. It provides an intense program that has produced some notable figures like David Hasselhoff of Baywatch, Tim Burton of Batman, and Alison Brie of Somebody I Used to Know. The course will enhance your skills in dance, drama, music, and film production. 

Central School of Speech and Drama

Central School of Speech and Drama has been described as the nursery of British Hollywood. It produces such a wide range of talents that its alumni are spread in music, drama, media, and movies. It also offers postgraduate studies in film for those who wish to advance their skills. Some of the alumni of the school include Judi Dench of Skyfall and Jon Snow of Sherlock. The institution is also associated with stars in Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter, among other productions. 

DePaul University’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television 

The school has a long history of producing music, acting, and television stars. It is located in Illinois, Chicago, and is famous for some of the classic performances like Shakespeare. Actors from the institutions are also regarded as some of the quirkiest and most creative artists in the industry. The institution has a tradition of staging impromptu acts on classic plays like Shakespearean catalogue or skits in public places. It is one of the most popular institutions for filmmaking, editing, directing, and general cinematography. Some of the notable alumni include Joe Kerry of Stranger Things, Judy Greer of 13 Going to 30, and Gillian Anderson of The E-Files. 

A good acting school can be known by the fruits it produces. Check the performance of the alumni of the institution you wish to enroll in to get an idea of what you could become. It is the learning experience that awakens the golden acting skills in you, guaranteeing you a stellar career on screen.

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