Bindi Irwin had a baby girl

Bindi Irwin Welcomed Newborn Daughter With Husband Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin experiences motherhood for the first time with her hubby Chandler Powell. They are blessed with a baby girl. Bindi Irwin named her daughter by making a tribute to Steve Irwin. The little born has two middle titles, which remember the late legend.

Bindi is the daughter of Steve Irwin, the renowned environmentalist. She announced to the public her newborn child on Friday.

22 years old Irwin said that she celebrated her first anniversary and the immense happiness of having a newborn daughter on March 25, 2021.

Bindi Irwin decided the name of her daughter as Grace Warrior Irwin Powell. “Warrior” is there to pay tribute to Bindi’s late father.

“Grace” comes to the couple as light to their life

Irwin said that the daughter brings sheer light to her life. The name Grace was Bindi’s great grandmother’s name. Her husband’s family also had the name “Grace” among his relatives, who are from the era of the 1700s.

The newborn’s middle names are only an extension to forward the legacy of Steve Irwin, a terrific wildlife personality.

The couple is all smiles at the moment. Moreover, the baby’s date of coming to this world was just spot on! They feel overwhelmed to welcome this phase of their life.


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Bindi Irwin shared pictures of her daughter

The new mother, Bindi Irwin, uploaded two lovable images of her daughter. The first one showed the new parents cradling their daughter. They were gazing at their daughter with immense happiness. The second photo was of a onesie of sage green. There was a koala picture on it as well as the print of the Irwin zoo, Australia.

Bindi announced her pregnancy in August. She said that she was pregnant with Chandler Powell’s baby.

Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell shared about the pregnancy in August 2020

She captioned her pregnancy post, saying that her delivery will be in 2021, and the baby is surely going to be a warrior of wildlife. The picture showed the couple with smiles holding an Australian Zoo printed shirt of a zookeeper.

The post further said that her husband Chandler and Bindi were pleased and proud to announce their new phase of parenthood. Although Bindi Irwin was in her first trimester at that time, she wanted her well-wishers to be part of her journey from the start itself. She said that they were expecting the most crucial aspect of their life to come to this world.

Bindi and Chandler got married on March 25 last year. They had a small wedding with close relatives maintaining safety protocols for COVID-19 at the zoo maintained by family in Australia.


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