Celebrities with Unusual Degrees

By | August 11, 2022

Celebrities are generally regarded as beautiful people without any brains. It will be surprising to learn how many degrees celebrities have. While they balance work and university, they have been known to buy coursework online

It is amazing to consider the professions that celebrities would have been serving if they didn’t join the world of glamour. Some might be engineers, others could fly spacecraft to the moon. 

Celebrities who have the education and credentials are often truly gifted. Many of these celebrities studied hard to attain the highest success levels. They are also highly intelligent people with extensive knowledge in many fields.

Here are the top ten most bizarre degrees of celebrities.

Mayim Bialik

If you love The Big Bang Theory, you will be familiar with Emmy Farrer Fowler the Neuroscientist. Penny’s comedy is based solely on a few geniuses. Mayim is a Neuroscientist as true to her character. Mayim might be able to grasp some of the lines she was given.

Emmy displays a deep commitment to her character. She was already a certified neuroscientist when she was hired. She earned both her BSc. degree and her Ph.D. at the University of California Los Angeles. Her qualification can be described only as an example of Art imitating live or life imitating artwork. It is the most amazing coincidence one can offer regarding education and celebrity life.

Harry Hill

It seems that neuroscientists are celebrities. Emmy lands Harry Hill, another neuroscientist, who is a specialist in brain surgery. Harry Hill’s TV Burp is what made him famous in the industry. He is another comedian with a wicked sense of humor who has been dominating the screen for years, as well as neurosurgery theatres.

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Harry is a trained neurosurgery specialist. He studied at University of London, was qualified, and practiced neurosurgery for years before finally making fun of it. He replaced the blue suits and white coats of the theater with his signature suit that he wears in every one of his comedy shows. He also wears horn-rimmed spectacles. His idea is to make the world laugh.

James Franco

James, one of the most gifted actors we have ever seen, is . He has a degree in English from the University of California Los Angeles. He pursued his master’s program at Columbia University. His brain was searching for more, so he went to Yale to get his Ph.D.

His academic achievements have led to him appearing in more than 13 blockbuster movie scenes. His journey is like a roadtrip, with him accumulating degrees and academic qualifications from his favorites institutions. He will still appear in at least 10 more films. One has to wonder how he manages all this time.

John Legend

You will be surprised to know that the famed musician studied English at the University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on African-American literature. He was a member of Cappella and choir groups, performed in talent shows and musicals, and wrote his own songs.

Rowan Atkinson

This man, who played the role of the dumb Mr. Bean for many decades, made his name as a screen actor. A qualified electrician is the reason behind his witty antics. His genius could be what makes him so captivating.

Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean, studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University. He is also a coauthor of some of the comedies he’s acted in. Some of his comedies have been made into full-length films. It has been watched in more 245 countries. It’s funny and a favourite of people across all generations.

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Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis is a prominent footballer from the Netherlands. Although he was a gifted footballer, his head was just as impressive. The University of Bath had trained the Dutch footballer as an electrical engineer. He joins an elite group of engineers who aren’t ready to use their skills. His degree was earned while he played for Arsenal, his favorite English Premier League club, and still appears for his Dutch National Team.

Dennis began his footballing career with Ajax in 1986. He played until 1993. Later, he joined Inter Milan between 1993 and 1995. He played in the EPL for Arsenal, until 2006. He has had many stints as an assistant coach, both for clubs and for national teams. He seems not to be interested yet in using his electrical engineering skills.

Brian May

Brian is a mathematics, physics and engineering genius. He is considered the Queen of Guitarists and was the highlight performance during London’s 2012 Olympics. Brian obtained his BSc Math and Physics degrees from the prestigious Imperial College London. He is known for his theatrical exploits in the 1980s. He has since returned to school in order to complete his Ph.D.

Celebrities aren’t just glamour. Some have degrees that you would be afraid to get even without making the same commitments. These are examples of brains who understand and pursue other than art.

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