What are Hazel Eyes & Characteristics of Hazel Eyes: 

By | October 5, 2023

What are Hazel Eyes & Characteristics of Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes have a unique and captivating appearance, ranging from green to brown to gold. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the genetics and characteristics of hazel eyes, as well as techniques for enhancing and showcasing their beauty.


A hazel eye is a beautiful and unique eye color that can range in color from green to brown to gold. Their appearance is often described as flecked or mosaic, with different shades of color blending. 

Our guide provides tips on enhancing and showcasing hazel eyes as well as information about the genetics of hazel eyes.

What are hazel eyes?

Various shades and flecks of color can be observed in hazel eyes, which range in color from green to brown. 

There is a wide variety of appearances of hazel eyes that vary from person to person and may change over time or in different lighting conditions. 

There is a tendency for hazel eyes to be described as having a mix of green, gold, and brown tones, as well as having a slight shifty or multicolored appearance. Only approximately 5% of the global population has hazel eyes.

Characteristics of Hazel Eyes: 

Hazel eyes are commonly characterized by the following characteristics:

  1. Green, gold, and brown tones are often described as characteristic of hazel eyes.
  2. Hazel eyes have a wide range of appearances, and their appearance can change over time or under different lighting conditions.
  3. The appearance of hazel eyes may be slightly shifty or multicolored.
  4. There is a general perception that they are very expressive and attractive.
  5. It is estimated that approximately 5% of the global population has hazel eyes.
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Genetics of hazel eyes:

Hazel eyes can range in color from green to brown to gold and are considered to be a unique eye color. 

You may be wondering how hazel eyes are inherited if you have hazel eyes or are considering a genetic trait. We will now take a closer look at the genetics of hazel eyes:

  1. How Hazel Eyes are Inherited: 

As with most genetic conditions, hazel eyes result from a combination of factors, including the amount and type of pigments in the iris, the scattering of light by the iris, as well as Rayleigh scattering (the phenomenon that causes light to scatter in different directions as it travels through the iris). 

The color of hazel eyes can be inherited from either parent, and it is not unusual for people to inherit a mix of different eye colors from different parents within the same family.

  1. Frequency of Hazel Eyes in Different Populations

Many populations around the world have hazel eyes, but they are most common among people from European and Western Asian backgrounds. 


There is a wide variation in the frequency of hazel eyes among different populations, with some groups having a much higher prevalence than others. 

In the United States, hazel eyes are relatively common, with an estimated 5-8% of the population having this eye color.

  1. Genetic Testing for Hazel Eyes: 

You can consider getting a genetic test if you are interested in learning more about your genetic traits, including your eye color. 

Numerous companies offer genetic testing, and these tests can provide valuable information about your ancestry, health risks, and other genetic traits. 

You should be aware that genetic testing is not always accurate, and the results of these tests should be interpreted with caution.

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Generally speaking, hazel eyes have complex genetics and are influenced by a variety of genetic factors. 

There are numerous resources available to help you learn more about this captivating eye color, regardless of whether you have hazel eyes due to a genetic trait or were born with them.

Enhancing hazel eyes:

It is a beautiful and unique eye color that can range from green to brown to gold. You can use the following makeup techniques if you have hazel eyes and wish to bring out their natural color:

  1. Use eye shadow in shades of green, brown, or gold: 

You can use these shades to bring out the natural color of your hazel eyes and highlight the different tones within them. 

Depending on the effect you want, you can use a single shade or blend several shades to create a more dynamic look.

  1. Use eyeliner and mascara in complementary shades: 

Ensure that the eyeliner and mascara you choose complement the color of your eyes. For example, if your hazel eyes have more green tones, you may want to use brown or gold eyeliner and mascara.

  1. Experiment with different looks: 

Hazel eyes can be enhanced in many different ways with makeup, so do not hesitate to experiment and try out different techniques. 

Consider using a smoky eye for a bold and dramatic effect or a neutral eye shadow palette for a more natural and subtle look.

  1. Use colored contact lenses: 

If you would like to change the color of your eyes completely, you may consider wearing colored contact lenses. 

There are many different colors available, so you may select a shade that complements your natural eye color or select a completely different hue. Before using any type of contact lens, it is advisable to consult with an eye doctor.

Using these tips and experimenting with different makeup techniques, you can easily enhance the natural beauty of your hazel eyes.


Hazel eyes are a captivating eye color that is certain to catch the attention of others. There are many ways to celebrate and highlight the beauty of hazel eyes, regardless of whether you were born with them or would like to enhance them. 

To keep your hazel eyes sparkling and vibrant, it is important to take good care of them and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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