How do top celebrity parents discipline their children?

By | September 1, 2023

Parenting is a tough job! When you act as a ‘taskmaster,’ you are the ‘bad parent’. When you are too close to the child, they might not respect you or find you intruding into their personal space. As you dwell on your parenting skills, does it ever cross your mind how top celebrity parents deal with their kids?

After all, apart from the more-than-usual issues they already have to deal with, constantly being under social glare is a different ballgame. Here are some experiences and parenting tips that celeb parents share. Why don’t you have a look? Perhaps – you could get some idea from the same!

Parenting advice from top celebrity parents

When it comes to parenting, every child is different, so you must constantly change the styles. But even in that, there must be a common ground and rules the parents must follow. Also, issues arise at times between parents, and at worst – they get divorced.

Keeping everything aside, this is one of the most prominent issues among celebrity parents who share custody of their children after their divorce. What is their parenting style like? This article will discuss that as well –

#1. Parenting style – The Fun Parents

The fourth one is on its way, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds love the parenthood phase. Their parenting concept revolves around fun, where the couple, sharing three daughters, seems to keep the value system at a ‘fun’ level.

In one of the recent interviews, Reynolds spoke sans Blake about – how ‘she is hard to impress since grades matter to her’ while for him, ‘finishing a bowl of cereal’ matters the most! 

Going deep into this household, you will (in Reynolds’s words) find a ‘’circus going on round the clock”. 

Tips from their household – 

  • Reynolds has a very particular yet casual approach. He firmly believes that being a parent is important, but so is ‘being partners’, which is sometimes lost after having a baby. To date – he and Lively go out on dates ‘quite like the first time’ as his Instagram says!


  • Secondly, balancing the act is very important. They ‘trade off’ their parenting duties and pursue fun activities with their kids whenever they can spare the time.
top celebrity parents

Image Credit: People

This is one of the pieces of advice from top celebrity parents trying to work it out with their kids. But there are different formats of parenting, and as you navigate down, you will see one from the political setup.

#2. Parenting style – The Strict Parents

Here you will get to see the parenting style of the Obamas.

The once-first family of the USA has been very strict about their daughter’s upbringing. Both Michelle and Barack categorically state that they ‘have set limitations’ on their daughters so that they grow up like ‘any other normal kid of the USA’. 

A piece of their parenting style was evident when – Sasha Obama was seen working at a seafood restaurant as part of her summertime job. Also, Barack Obama has himself confessed that during the lockdown – he ‘would intrude into their mobile phones to check if they are studying or discussing something else’. 

Well, on a lighter side, this is perhaps not the kind of behavior that one expects from top celebrity parents. But then – parents, you know, they just want to know it all!!

Tips from their household 

  • The primary concept around which parenting in the Obama household revolves is – “raising self-sufficient, thoughtful and compassionate individuals…so that they can grow on their own.”


  • Also, despite being top celebrity parents with busy schedules, the Obama couple makes sure to spend some time as ‘a modern US family doing household chores.’ The family spent their time gardening or doing regular household jobs (even the White House staff was restricted from doing specific jobs).


  • The Obama couple (at times, it might be just one of them) never misses their daughters’ school functions or piano recitals.


  • A very curious way of bonding with Malia that Barack Obama had figured out was – reading books with his daughter. He read through the whole of the Harry Potter series with her to spend some ‘quality father-daughter’ time with each other.


  • As far as Michelle is concerned – she makes it a point to ensure that the kids have a daily routine. She joins them at times to assist them in following the same.

#3. Parenting style – Working through the controversies

When it comes to top celebrity parents, the paps are horribly unkind towards their children as well. Whether it is highlighting their every move or printing a heinous picture for a minor incident – the examples show the level of unwarranted attention.

Unfortunately, if the parents are mired in some controversy – like the Kim Kardashian and Kayne West divorce issue – God help the kids! It is here that the strength of parenthood is truly tested! The once very much-in-love – Kim and Kanye couple did not exactly sail through but did not drown in this scrutinizing nonsense.

Parents of four children, their idea of co-parenting is based on the divide and sharing of responsibilities. While Kanye West firmly wishes to concentrate on the kids’ schooling, he credits his now ex-wife for being the anchor to their kids – despite their differences.

Despite their personal lives going astray since the divorce, and initially, West ending up with only ‘visitation rights’ to his kids, with time – the ex-flames and now co-parents have found a way to ensure their children’s welfare. Multiple shreds of evidence prove that they are truly charting their path to being better parents than they were as partners.

top celebrity parents

Image Credit: Eonline

Tips from their household 

  • Deciding on the schooling and religious affiliations of the kids. The ex-flames have sat down and talked out their views respectfully to each other.


  • They have made sure that despite their tussle and personal controversy – they would under no circumstance expose the kids to this hell-hole called the media circus that was encircling their charges at each other and legal issues.

#4. Parenting style – Who said ‘three’ is a bit too much?

At least not for Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and his ex-Jennifer Garner. Affleck and Garner were married for a little over a decade and share three kids. However, the marriage did not work, and after their mutual divorce, Affleck went on to marry Lopez, one of his exes.

Now the complications (or what people thought would be) were that – Lopez’s kids with ex-Marc Anthony and Affleck’s kids with Garner were part of this marriage since both of them are co-parenting their kids. That sounds quite chaotic, especially with two pairs of top celebrity parents involved in this already complicated equation.

Surprisingly – there is no controversy on that front since the kids from both marriages get along. Proof of this was seen when the kids joyfully attended Affleck’s and Lopez’s marriage, and Garner cordially sent over a bouquet to the now-reunited former flames. In fact – Garner stated that she was very happy for Ben and Lopez and that Ben had always been the best father she could expect. Now with Lopez gelling up with the kids – the benefits have doubled.

Tips from their household 

  • Garner and Affleck have always’ prioritized’ the children’s needs when in marriage and now in their co-parenting space. Going to Seraphina’s graduation ceremony even after their divorce was one of the highlights of their co-parenting arrangement.


  • Talking about Lopez’s kids with Anthony, Affleck is trying to warm up to this responsibility, though not new. He sits down and talks about respect and kindness with them, just like his kids. The kids have themselves got friendly with each other.

Some benchmarks that parents follow

As you must have realized while reading this content, every celeb parent has their own technique for guarding their child. Despite their differences, they still want to provide their child the best.

Therefore – the top celebrity parents also have set specific benchmarks for their children that, as a parent, you may try emulating (the conditions surely might not always match).

  • Limiting entertainment choices and timings. Every time celeb kids switch on their television and internet, they get to see news (primarily unwarranted) about their parents. Hence, the parents categorically time their television watching or social media browsing hours. They have their own reasons, but you can also try doing the same with your kids.
  • Timing is an essential skill that children must learn from a very tender age. Some celeb parents, such as I Know What You Did Last Summer star Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze Jr, are very strict and categorically time their children’s play and study hours. They believe in teaching their children the value of time and limiting time according to their preference for a specific job. This is another lesson that you can learn from the top celebrity parents.

What’s your parenting style?

That was all about the parenting style of the top celebrity parents. Hopefully, you got to learn something from their choice of parenting style and inculcate the same (if you have any misgivings). Please comment if you have any thoughts on this matter or wish to know more about such topics.


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