Erika Jayne Files for Divorce From Husband of 21 Years Tom Girardi

By | July 10, 2023

Unfortunately, one more RHOBES relationship is going to end soon. There is news that Erika Jayne files for divorce from Tom Girardi after staying together for 21 years. The US Weekly confirms the report on Tuesday, November 3. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actress is presently 49-years old. She created quite a controversy when she married a man who was 32-years more senior than her. So, Girardi is a lawyer and is presently 81-years old.

After confirming her divorce filing news, she says that her decision to end her marriage was not sudden. Jayne adds that she is taking a grave step with no hard feelings for her husband. Moreover, she says that there is a lot of respect and love in her heart for Tom. Besides, she will cherish their life together and all the memories. Further, she requests privacy and respect during this challenging phase and says that Tom deserves the same.

Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi met in 1999 while the actress worked at a Los Angeles restaurant called Chasen’s. In her memoir called Pretty Mess, Jayne writes that she worked at the restaurant for over a year. There, after seeing Tom for a few days, she manages to slip her number. Later, the lawyer reached out to her through his assistant.

Erika Jayne files for divorce because she is tired of ‘justifying.’

The RHOBES actress recalls how she wrote that she indirectly agreed to a date with Tom. Further, she wrote that he needs to reach out personally if he wants her to go on a date. Plus, she needs to know in advance, so there is enough time to get ready. Jayne also wrote that she is quite aware of successful men who think women would leave everything to meet them. However, it is different in her case, and she does not care who he was.

After dating for half a year, the couple got engaged. Although Tom’s appearance in RHOBES was rare, she has always justified their marriage and age difference. In season 10 of the series in April, Erika says that she is tired of explaining a marriage of two decades. At the same time, she challenges anyone to stay in a marriage for that long before commenting. Besides, it seems that Erika Jayne files for divorce due to a lack of emotional support from her husband. Moreover, she says that it is great to have someone who supports financially. However, what she misses the most is a person who helps her emotionally.

Fans will get a glimpse of the divorce on RHOBES

Erika Jayne has always been fearless and frank about her sex life. Earlier in a talk show, she revealed no more charming, like how it was long back. However, she feels being in a relationship for several years means more compassion, empathy, and love taking over sex. She explains that sex is essential, but what is mandatory is a trustworthy relationship. Jayne feels that continuing to trust and love each other for a long time feels so good. The thought that everything is going strong is like a sense of achievement on its own. Fans of RHOBES will get to witness Erika’s divorce in the 11th season of the show.

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