What makes Kim Soo Hyun net worth expand with every passing day?

By | August 7, 2023

Check out any of the surveys on Netflix (which has the highest content diversity) or any other broadcasting partner – Korean dramas are creating waves!! If you have been a fan of K-dramas – Kim Soo Hyun is not a name from a different planet. The dreamboat ‘oppa’ of many – he is not just the highest-paid

globally – Kim Soo Hyun net worth is rated at $117 million, but also a man who has multiple associations with welfare activities and is an actor class apart.

Would you like to join this digital trip to garner some more information on the king of commercials in the South Korean domain? Navigate this page and get enlightened by some light Hallyu info!

Kim Soo Hyun net worth – the financial specifics

His earnings from dramas

  • As one of the Internationally -reckoned actors of the Korean peninsula, as per the latest news, he earns somewhere around $164,000 per episode (One Ordinary Day being his highest-paid acting project to date)

Previously – he was paid somewhere around $83,000 per episode during the making of Its Okay To Not Be Okay.

  • When he was cast in The Moon Embracing the Sun, he was reportedly paid $500,000, while the fee overall increased to a massive $550,000 during the filming of My Love From Another Star.
Kim Soo Hyun net worth

Image Credit: Koreaboo

His earnings from endorsements –

Kim Soo Hyun net worth consistent rise has another aspect added to it – the man’s presence in multiple adverts.

  • For the record – way back in 2013/14 – he had reportedly earned 600 million Korean Won only via his advertisement deals.


  • Along with that – he reportedly collaborated with certain Chinese agencies to star in their events for a massive amount of 33 billion Korean Won.


  • His popularity spread over to Japan, and from there, he received a product endorsement contract worth 1 billion Korean Won.


  • As per the last data obtained – his advertisement fee ranges from $720,000 to $900,000, depending on multiple factors.

His tangible worth –

  • From whatever his agency has revealed – he owns a residential cum commercial apartment at the posh Hanwha Galleria Foret.


  • He is supposedly the owner of a BMW i8 that is netted at $186,000.

The details of his other properties have not been made public.

This is just the initial aspect. There’s more that can be added to revelations about the actor. Why not take this trip ahead?

Kim Soo Hyun net worth

Image Credit: NME

What is his USP as an actor?

The USP that makes Kim Soo Hyun a fine actor compared to his contemporaries and surely shoots up the official Kim Soo Hyun net worth is – his choice of roles. Whether it is the country bumpkin Song Sam-dong in Dream High, prince Lee Hwon in The Moon Embracing the Sun, the alien Do Min-Joon in My Love From Another Star, the caregiver Moon Gang-Tae in Its Okay To Not Be Okay, or the very recent Kim Hyun-soo in One Ordinary Day (Korean adaptation of Criminal Justice) – each of his characters has been a constellation-apart from each other.

Also, what is notable is that in each of the characters he has played onscreen, there has been an immense amount of hard work behind the scenes. So, from learning country music for his role in Dream High or actually sitting down and analyzing the consequences of autism and other related immuno-deficiency disorders or mental incapacities – Kim Soo Hyun is a complete actor – who not just performs a character but rather lives it.

Apart from acting – he is involved in a wide range of other activities in the entertainment world.

Kim Soo Hyun – The unparalleled monarch of commercials

For the fans of K-drama and Korean filmography in general – Kim Soo Hyun, apart from being a tremendous actor, is also one of the best male models in the domain. Known officially as the ‘king of commercials’ – he endorses more than 30 products – a ‘record-breaking’ number.

His personal and professional impeccable record, affable charm, and, most importantly, global outreach (one of the few stars who have been part of Chinese productions) make him one of the most-wanted faces in South Asia’s new ‘drama-wave’ hub.

It is without a doubt that all these factors have a huge role to play when it comes to improving and maintaining Kim Soo Hyun net worth over the years.

Also noteworthy are certain factors that have had a crucial role to play in making Soo-Hyun oppa a ‘star among the stars’. His ambassadorial roles representing South Korea on the global stage, as well as his philanthropic activities, have carved a niche in the entertainment domain of South Korea.

South Korean society – which embraced globalization only in the late 90s after some peace accords with its ever problematic – and currently nuclearising North Korea has a strong value system. To reach out to people with all humility is an important principle of social foundation. Kim Soo-Hyun does the same with utmost humility – quite like a model citizen. 

The man does have his charms!!

Kim Soo Hyun net worth

Honorable mentions from his professional domain

For K-drama lovers – the ‘beer and chicken’ combination (baekchu and chicken) is almost a way of life! Who do you think popularised the trend? Yes!! Kim Soo Hyun, via his superhit drama – My Love From Another Star. For the unaware – this drama was one of the key factors that added up to Kim Soo Hyun net worth to the massive amount it is today.

  • Kim Soo Hyun was selected as the ambassador for the Goyang International Flower Festival of Korea in 2011.


  • Kim Soo Hyun was made the Honorary Ambassador to promote Korean tourism at an international level. He was also honored as the Public Relations Ambassador of Lotte Hotel Busan.


  • Apart from that – he has been made Goodwill Ambassador for Seoul and honored with multiple ambassadorial roles, such as – promoting Incheon Airport, Chung-Ang University, and Paradise City, to name a few.

The fact that he has been part of such government promotional activity thereby enhances his face value – automatically shooting up Kim Soo Hyun net worth.

Why don’t you catch up with his work?

Now that you know of Kim Soo Hyun net worth – why not check out some of his works? Though all his works that have been mentioned above are worth watching on repeat, Its Okay To Not Be Okay is not just a global smash-hit but also one of his best works as an actor. There have not been many series globally that can vouch for being touted as mentally healing dramas, and this one is a classic in that domain.

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