How to get more Likes for Your Fashion Brand’s Posts on Instagram?

By | September 10, 2023
social media

social media

Fashion industry has always been a place of really high competition, and when things went online, it became even more heated. On the other hand, growing your fashion business online is the best decision you can make for your fashion brand expansion.

With social media platforms like Instagram, you can show your fashion style in details, easily finding your best audience and gaining authority. Fashion is thriving here ‒ you can see it from how many fashion brands get likes on Instagram in insane amounts.

So, how do you grow your fashion business online using mostly Instagram tools? Check out these tips and expand your opportunities.

Why does Instagram matter for your fashion brand?

Even when Instagram was just a simple platform for people sharing their photos, the fashion industry started creating trendsetters there. When someone posted their photo or selfie in trending look, they would totally become something that we now call fashion gurus. People asked where they get these clothes from, and etc.

This is why many fashion brands decided to have Instagram profiles. It makes perfect sense because Instagram is a visual-oriented platform, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to show off the best aspects of a brand’s style.

There’s even more to that: you can promote your brand’s vision and lifestyle, aiming for a relevant audience. Sometimes even big names like the Kardashians promote fashion brands on their million followers pages. Also, they partner with fashion brands to create their own apparel collections.

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Now Instagram fully acknowledges the presence of trendsetters and fashion brands on the platform, introducing many useful tools:

shopping tags that allow to buy clothes right from the feed;

Reels that allow you to express your brand identity in a better way.

And there’s even more to come!

Creating a good strategy

A good Instagram promotion strategy for fashion brands is a perfect mix of a few things: aesthetic visual, brand identity exposing and creating a certain lifestyle that gets associated with your clothes.

Aside from the visual and storytelling, using built-in Instagram tools will be your best choice. For example, you can utilize your bio to tell people about your best offers, announce sales through stories, or even create a proper Instagram shop. Shopping tags are especially perfect for that – using them, you encourage a user to buy your products even more.

For the best experience, you can utilize the highlights section to sort your collections, sales and even behind the scenes glimpses.

What do fashion brands usually post?

Every brand is a story. It’s up to you to make it a good one. Sure, your photos can already tell everyone a lot about your fashion style, but there’s even more!

Some content ideas for your fashion brand:

posts explaining brand mission and, therefore, defining an audience;

posts about your clothes in detailes that show off the best features;

lifestyle posts and stories to bring the brand closer to the audience;

BTS and UGC content. These are perfect for getting more engagement!

As you can see, Instagram is a perfect platform to promote your fashion business and grow it regardless of where you are.

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